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Requirements for fixed users for Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS)


Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) works with different products and solutions. These products can be on the same or different network. Thus, the users that use these products must be defined or a global user can be used for all the products.


This document describes the network credentials that are used by ELIS and user rights that are required. This document applies to Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe+.

Product credentials

When you install ELIS, the user name and password must be defined during the setup process. The user name and password is used to run some of the ELIS window services. The credentials can be non-domain, as long as the user name registered on the Listener service (on the ELIS server) and Dispatcher service (on the web server) is the same including the password.

You must have the rights to do the following:

  • Run Microsoft Window services.
  • Access to the Microsoft SQL server with the rights to create database.
  • Permission to read and write the directory where ELIS is installed.

When you add a client, the user credentials must be defined in the Authentication section. If the section is not defined, the credentials of the user who set up ELIS will be used when ELIS connects to the product. Otherwise, if the credentials are defined, ELIS will use the defined credentials to connect to the product. Both the domain user and fixed user can be used as credentials to add a client. For the fixed user, the credentials must exist in both the client machine and the ELIS server that has to be created manually on each machine.

Fixed user requirements

Different users can be used for different products. However, the user defined in the Authentication section in the Add new client screen must exist in the target product (such as Exact Synergy Enterprise or Exact Globe+). If the user is not found in the product, the following message will be displayed:

The user must be an administrator at the operating system (OS) level. To register and activate the products, any user that is registered with the products can be used. The credentials will also be used by the solution in which the products are activated. Depending on the solution used, new roles or function rights may have to be added. For example, if Exact Integrator is used, the user must have access to the web service to read, modify, add, or delete entities in Exact Globe+ and Exact Synergy Enterprise.

Note: Check the requirements of the solutions before activating the solutions.

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