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E-WMS SSCC shipment tracing - report

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This document describes the report for E-WMS SSCC shipment tracing.


In menu WMS, Reports, SSCC shipment tracing you have a report available for shipments scanned with WMS SSCC Shipment Tracing.

Range section

Delivery date
This is a selection on the delivery date used in the fulfillment process

Delivery debtor
This is a selection on the delivery debtor of the sales order

Shipment number
This selects a range of shipment numbers

SSCC number
This selects a range of pallet SSCC numbers

This selects the employee who scanned the SSCC's

This selects the source 'location' used when scanning SSCC's

This selects the target 'location' used when scanning SSCC's

This selects the reference assigned to a shipment number

Report options section 

Sort by
This setting determines how the report will be sorted, with following choices:

  • shipment number
  • delivery date
  • delivery debtor
  • employee
  • reference
  • source
  • target
  • SSCC number

Sort descending
When enabled, this setting reverses the sort order in the report. For example, when sorting on 'delivery date' this will show the most recent SSCC scan first

When enabled, a subtotal will be shown per 'sort by' entity. The (sub)total shows the number of transactions, and number of unique SSCC's scanned.

Totals only
When enabled, only totals per 'sort by' entity are shown. Details on SSCC transaction level are not shown. Details shown are shipment number, number of SSCC's, number of transactions and debtor information.

Suppress repetition
When enabled, repeated values on shipment number level are hidden. This will enhance the readability of the report.
When disabled, all columns are always shown, which may be required when you want to export the data to Excel, for example.


Sample report output with selections: sort by=shipment number, subtotal=enabled, suppress repetition=enabled:

The following columns are shown:

  • Shipment number
  • Deb.: debtor number of delivery debtor (not the debtor code)
  • Delivery debtor: name of the delivery debtor
  • delivery date as used during fulfillment
  • User: user name of the employee who scanned the shipment
  • Reference: shipment reference
  • SSCC number
  • Source
  • Target
  • Number of transactions = number of single scans
  • Number of SSCC's = number of unique SSCC's

Sample report output, same selection as before, and also option 'totals only' enabled:

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