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Exact Financials   

Data dictionary exactcs - 7.28

#TableLogging tableDescription
1admdaty_admdatCompany data
2admnac Company: Delivery addresses
3atrsh Financial entries
4atrss Financial entry lines
5balcen Cost center balances
6balcun Consolidated balance sheet
7balsht Balance sheet
8bdalcchy_bdalcchBudget: Cost center allocations
9bdalccly_bdalcclBudget: Cost center allocation (Lines)
10bdalcuh Budget: Cost unit allocations
11bdalcul Budget: Cost unit allocation (Lines)
12bdalloch Budget ccent allocation header
13bdallocl Budget ccent allocation line
14bdalphy_bdalphBudget: Period allocations
15bdalply_bdalplBudget: Period allocation (Lines)
16bdcumdat Budget cumulative data
17bdeauth Budget authorization entries
18bdeautl Budget authorization entry (Lines)
19bdenth Budget entries
20bdentl Budget entry (Lines)
21bdmngy_bdmngBudget managers
22bdpath Budget entry paths
23bdtaut Budget authorization transactions
24bdtautt Budget authorization transaction notes
25bdtrs Budget transactions
26bdtrst Budget transaction notes
27bdversy_bdversBudget versions
28bnkaccy_bnkaccBank accounts
29bnklnky_bnklnkBank links
30bnktpey_bnktpeBank account types
31ccenty_ccentCost centers
32ccnlnky_ccnlnklinking cost centers
33ccntrs Cost center transactions
35combud Year budgets (Commitments)
38comctr_t Contract notes
39comel Commitment entries
40comhl Commitments
42comsl Commitment lines
43comsl_t Commitment notes
44comtrs Commitment transactions
45consccy_consccConsolidation cost centers
46conscoy_conscoConsolidation companies
47conscuy_conscuConsolidation cost unit
48consgg Consolidation data
49contaby_contabConsolidation G/L accounts
51crdbal Creditor balances
52crdcaty_crdcatCreditor categories
53crdnacy_crdnacOrder addresses
54crdout Accounts payable
55crdrev Creditor revaluations
56crdtrs Creditor: Transactions
58credit_t creditor notes
59cstccny_cstccnCost center allocations
60cstcun Standard distr. cost units
61cunity_cunitCost units
63dbvery_dbverDatabase versions
64debbal Debtor balances
65debcaty_debcatDebtor categories
66debout Accounts receivable
67debrev Debtor revaluations
69debtor_t debtor notes
70debtrs Debtor: Transactions
71delnacy_delnacDelivery addresses
72dpr_caldy_dpr_caldCalendar periods
73dpr_calmy_dpr_calmDepreciation calendars
74dpr_idxdy_dpr_idxdDepreciation index details
75dpr_idxmy_dpr_idxmDepreciation index tables
76dpr_mtaby_dpr_mtabDepreciation tables
77dpr_trns Depreciation transactions
79earolrecy_earolrecData authorization
80earolusry_earolusrRoles per user
82ebabnk_mt940 Bank statement: MT940 codes
83ebabnk_txcd Bank statement transaction codes
84ebalnky_ebalnkBank links
85ebasth Bank statements
86ebasts Bank statement (Lines)
87ebauit Matched bank statements
88faelaf Link assets fin. entries
89fas_asmby_fas_asmbAsset structures
90fas_asty_fas_astFixed assets
91fas_booky_fas_bookAsset books
92fas_depry_fas_deprAsset depreciations
94fas_grpy_fas_grpAsset groups
95fas_locy_fas_locAsset: Locations
96fas_masty_fas_mastAsset sets
97fas_mnt Asset maintenance data
98fas_mthly_fas_mthlAsset set in book (Change)
99fas_prlnk Link asset trans to project
100fas_prmst Projects per asset
101fatlaf Link assets fin. transactions
102fiecol Collection runs
103fielbsf Link: Bank statement (Historic) to journal entry
104fielcf Link collections fin. entries
105fielfc Link atrss to comsl
106fielif Link intercompany to finance
107fielpayf Link: Payment (Historic) to journal entry
108fielrf Link recurring entries to fina
109fihbsh History: Bank statements
110fihbsl History: Bank statement (lines)
111fihpayext Payment extra data (Historic)
112fihpayfmt History: Payment formats
113fihpayord History: Payment orders
114fihpayout History: Payment outstanding items
115fihpayrun History: Payment runs
116fiicomp Pre entry
117filda Link dimensions to G/L account
118fipcolhy_fipcolhCollection installments
119fipcolly_fipcollCollection installment details
120firehy_firehRecurring entries
121firely_firelRecurring entry lines
122fitcol Collections (Historical)
123fitlbsf Link: Bank statement (Historic) to g/l transaction
124fitlcf Link collections fin. entries
125fitlfc Link ledtrs to comtrs
126fitlif Link intercompany to finance
127fitlpayf Link: Payment (Historic) to g/l transaction
128fitlrf Link recurring entries to fina
129fivatcor VAT corrections
130fprep Posting reports
131grpfdc Layout group flag descriptions
132iiowny_iiownInvoice owners
133iireg Incoming invoices
134isocnty_isocntISO countries
135isocury_isocurISO currencies
136isolngy_isolngISO languages
138journl_rule Bank statement: Matching rules
139jrlpayy_jrlpayJournal links payments
140jrlpcry_jrlpcrJournal links payment currency
141jrnlbal journal-balance
143laydeby_laydebReminder profile: Language (Line)
144layfdc Layout flag descriptions
145layfgr Layout fields per group
146layfld Fields per layout
147layflg Flags per layout
148laygdc Layout group descriptions
149laygfl Flags per layout per group
150laygrf Layout group flags
151laygrp Layout groups
152laytfl Layout type flags
153ledbal G/L account balances
154ledgery_ledgerG/L accounts
155ledmch Matching transactions
156ledrev G/L revaluations
157ledtrs General ledger transaction
159llcocy_llcocCost codes
160llcocdy_llcocdCost code details
161llcocty_llcoctCost code details
162lldescy_lldescExtra description codes
163lldomey_lldomeDelivery/Order methods
164llicnt Take on inventory
165llidesy_llidesExtra item descriptions
166lligrpy_lligrpItem groups
167llinvcy_llinvcInvoice codes
168llitcry_llitcrCreditor/item data
170llitxty_llitxtText items
171lllgrr Link recurring to generated
172lllrr Link recurring to relations
173llpdigy_llpdigPrice lists (Per item group detail)
174llpdity_llpditPrice lists (Per item detail)
175llpligy_llpligPrice lists (Per item group)
176llplity_llplitPrice lists (Per item)
177llplsty_llplstPrice lists
178llrech Recurring (Invoices)
179llrecht Recurring notes
180llrecl Recurring lines
181llrect Recurring text lines
182lltexty_lltextGeneral text codes
183logfield Logging (Fields)
184loghist Deleted (Logging)
185logrec Logging (Records)
186logsetty_logsettLogging settings
187logtable Logging (Tables)
188lpech Purchase order counters
189lpecih Purchase invoice counters
190lpecil Purchase invoice counter lines
191lpecl Manual matching: Purchase order (Purchase invoice)
192lpecrh Receipt counters
193lpecrl Manual matching: Receipt lines
194lpeih Purchase invoices
195lpeiht Purchase invoice notes
196lpeil Purchase invoice lines
197lpeit Purchase invoice text lines
198lpelic Link invoices to commitments
199lpelif Link purchase invoices to fina
200lpelio Purchase order - Purchase invoice history
201lpelir Receipt - Purchase invoice
202lpelmf Link matching to finance
203lpeloc Link orders to commitments
204lpelof Link purchase orders to financ
205lpelrf Link receipts to finance
206lpelro Purchase order - Receipt history
207lpelsp Link sales to purchase
208lpemio Matching purchase invoices/ord
209lpemro Matching receipts/purchase ord
210lpeoh Purchase orders
211lpeoht Purchase order notes
212lpeol Purchase order lines
213lpeot Purchase order text lines
214lperh Receipts
215lperht Receipt notes
216lperl Receipt lines
217lpert Receipt text lines
218lphch Purchase order counters (Historical)
219lphcih Purchase invoice counters (Historical)
220lphcil Purchase invoice counter lines (Historical)
221lphcl Purchase order counter lines (Historical)
222lphcrh Receipt counters (Historical)
223lphcrl Receipt counter lines (Historical)
224lphih Purchase invoices (Historical)
225lphiht Purchase invoice notes
226lphil Purchase invoice lines (Historical)
227lphit Purchase invoice text line his
228lphlic Link lphil to comsl
229lphlif Link purchase invoices to fina
230lphlio Link purchase invoices to purc
231lphlir Link purchase invoices to rece
232lphlmf Link matching to finance
233lphloc Link lphol to comsl
234lphlof Link purchase orders to financ
235lphlrf Link receipts to finance
236lphlro Link receipt history to purcha
237lphlsp Link sales to purchase
238lphmil Purchase invoice matching line
239lphmio Matching purchase invoice/orde
240lphmoh Purchase order matching
241lphmoi Matching purchase order/invoic
242lphmol Purchase order matching lines
243lphmor Matching purchase order/receip
244lphmrl Receipt matching lines
245lphmro Matching receipt/purchase orde
246lphoh Purchase orders (Historical)
247lphoht Purchase order history notes
248lphol Purchase order lines (Historical)
249lphot Purchase order history text li
250lphrh Receipts (Historical)
251lphrht Receipt history notes
252lphrl Receipt lines (Historical)
253lphrt Receipt history text lines
254lseih Sales invoices
255lseil Sales invoice lines
256lseit Sales invoice text lines
257lselif Link sales to finance
258lselof Link sales orders to finance
259lseoh Sales orders
260lseol Sales order lines
261lseot Sales order text lines
262lshih Sales invoices (Historical)
263lshil Sales invoice lines (Historical)
264lshit Invoice history texts
265lshlif Link sales to finance
266lshlof Link sales orders to finance
267lshoh Sales orders (Historical)
268lshol Sales order lines (Historical)
269lshot Sales order history text lines
270lsitsty_lsitstStock changes
272lsrevs Revenue statistics
273mcompy_mcompMain classifications
274mdim1y_mdim1Dimension 1
275mdim2y_mdim2Dimension 2
276mdim3y_mdim3Dimension 3
277mdim4y_mdim4Dimension 4
278mdim5y_mdim5Dimension 5
279paycony_payconPayment conditions
280payext Payment extra data
281payfmt Payment formats
282paymen payments
283payord Payment orders
284payout Payment outstanding items
285paysel Payment runs
286perclsy_perclsClosed periods
287perdaty_perdatPeriod date tables
288pochl Payment over companies: Headers
289pocsl Payment over companies: Details
290practv Activities
291prbudget Project budgets
292prcajty_prcajtCost allocations per journalizing type
293prcally_prcallCost allocations
294prccaty_prccatCost categories
295prccmay_prccmaCost center manager
296prdeby_prdebProject debtors
297prdeh Project entries (Direct revenue)
298prdepy_prdepProject: Departments
299prdes Project entry lines (Direct revenue)
300prdhrty_prdhrtDebtor hour category rates
301prdprty_prdprtDebtor position rates
302prdtrs Project transactions (Direct)
303prelpf Link project to finance
304prempy_prempProject employees
305premrty_premrtEmployee rates per project
306prghrty_prghrtProject group hour category rates
307prgprty_prgprtProject group position rates
308prgrpy_prgrpProject groups
309prhcaty_prhcatHour categories
310prhcrty_prhcrtHour category rates per project
311prheh Project entries (Hour)
312prhes Project entry lines (Hour)
313prhraty_prhratEmployee-hour category rates
314prhrpry_prhrprEmployee-hour category rates per project
315prhtrs Project transactions (Hour)
316prieh Project entries (Item)
317pries Project entry lines (Item)
318prinam To be invoiced
319prinfi Final invoices
320prinfi_t Final invoice text
321pringcy_pringcInvoice groups: Cost category
322pringhy_pringhInvoice groups
323pringly_pringlInvoice group: Lines
324pringl_t Invoice group line text
325prinph Invoice proposals
326prinps Invoice proposal lines
327prinshy_prinshProject installments
328prinssy_prinssProject installment lines
329prinss_t Installment line text
330printr To be invoiced transactions
331printr_t Amounts to be invoiced text
332pritrs Project transactions (Item)
333prjamt Amounts (Journalize/Release)
334prjtccy_prjtccJournalizing types per cost category
335prjtgry_prjtgrJournalizing types per project group
336prjtypy_prjtypJournalizing types
337prlocy_prlocProject: Locations
339prmeh Project entries (Machinery)
340prmes Project entry lines (Machinery)
341prmraty_prmratMachinery-unit rates
342prmsty_prmstProject master cards
343prmstdeby_prmstdebDebtors per project
344prmtrs Project transactions (Machinery)
345prndefy_prndefPrinter definitions
346prnfrmy_prnfrmForm printers
347prnusry_prnusrUser printers
349props_t Properties texts
350prphdfy_prphdfPhase list descriptions
351prphlpy_prphlpPhase list definitions
353prphsny_prphsnPhase lists
354prpmcy_prpmcProperty choices
355prpmrty_prpmrtMachinery rates per project
356prpmsty_prpmstProject structures
357prpmury_prpmurMachinery-unit rates per project
358prposy_prposProject positions
359prpsrty_prpsrtPosition rates per project
360prpurty_prpurtUnit rates per project
361prpvaly_prpvalProperty values
362prrate Project rates
363prrcca Cost category (Results)
364prrcyp Cost category budgets (By period)
365prreason Project budget (Change codes)
366prrhca Employee forecast
367prrhyp Employee budgets (By period)
368prritm Item forecast
369prriyp Item budgets (By period)
370prrmch Machinery forecast
371prrmyp Machinery budgets (By period)
372prrprj Result project
373prrpyp Project budgets (By period)
374prrtcca History: Cost category budgets
375prrtcyp History: Cost category budgets per period
376prrthca History: Employee budgets
377prrthyp History: Employee budgets per period
378prrtitm History: Machinery budgets
379prrtiyp History: Machinery budgets per period
380prrtmch History: Item budgets
381prrtmyp History: Item budgets per period
382prrtprj Result project
383prrtpyp Result project per period
384prrttyy_prrttyProject rate priority (Lines)
385prsccny_prsccnCost center structures
386prsdepy_prsdepDepartment structures
387prstaty_prstatStatuses (Project)
388prsurcy_prsurcSurcharge codes
389prtlpf Project - Financial (Link transaction)
390prtrs Project transactions
391prtypey_prtypeProject types
392prunity_prunitProject units
393prwiph Work in progress (Header)
394prwipl Work in progress (Lines)
395prxes Project entries (External)
396prxlf Link to finance
397prxlp Link purchase
398prxlsi Link sales invoice
399prxlso Link sales order
400prxtrs Project transactions (External)
401scencodey_scencodeScenario entries
402scentryy_scentryScenario entry lines
403stalog Notes (Extended)
404stappl Applications (Menu)
405stapplog Application log
406stbenty_stbentBase entities
407stbicy_stbicBIC codes
408stblevy_stblevBase levels
409stbrlay Layouts
410stbrlayf Layout fields
411stcumdat Cumulative data
412stcumdef Cumulative definitions
413stdefchgy_stdefchgDefaults and changeability
414stdefico Default icons
415stestrh Structure entry header
416stestrl Structure entry line
417stetask Tasks (current)
418stexca External categories
419stexob Documents
420stextend Table extensions
421stformula Formulas
422stgateway Gateway
423stgdprdata GDPR: Data
424stgdprh GDPR: Settings
425stgdprl GDPR: Settings (Line)
426stgrpy_stgrpUser groups
427stgrpworksp User groups per workspace
428sthtask Tasks (current)
429stidp Identity provider
430stifex External calls
431stjobhy_stjobhScheduled jobs
432stjobly_stjoblScheduled job (Parameters)
433stlang Languages (Application)
434stlnglayy_stlnglayLayouts per language
435stltrm Link terms to master data
436stmnu menu definition
437stmnutxt menutext
438stnactypey_stnactypeAddress types
439stpostal Postal codes
441stprggrpy_stprggrpMenu authorization
442stprocess Process history
443strecent Recent
445struleusry_struleusrRule users
446ststrdet Structure details
448sttask Favorites
449stterm Translations (User)
450sttran Translations (System)
451sttsklst Task lists
452sttstr Structure transaction
453sttstrt Structure transaction notes
454stuiprop User interface properties
456stuserworksp Users per workspace
457stusgrpy_stusgrpUsers per group
458stusrol Licenses per user
459stusrpwd User passwords
460stworkspmemb Workspace members
461stxlink XML import definitions
462stxlnode XML definition nodes
463stxsattp Schema attribute type
464stxsattr Schema attribute
465stxschem XML schemas
466stxselem Schema element
467stxseltp Schema element type
468t_tdefy_t_tdefTest type definitions
469t_tdfdy_t_tdfdTest type descriptions
470t_tdscy_t_tdscTest fields (Description)
474usrlay Form layouts
475vatboxy_vatboxVAT return boxes
476vatbox_amt VAT return box: Amounts
477vathis VAT history
478vatlnby_vatlnbVAT linked boxes
479vatlnt VAT linked total boxes
480vatrepy_vatrepVAT fiscal representatives
481vattrsy_vattrsVAT codes
482xrates Exchange rates
483z_findat Financial years
484z_link Restrictions
486z_sev Several data
487z_usety_z_usetuser settings