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Overview of Professional services automation solution


The Professional services automation solution is designed specifically to provide project-driven organizations with basic means of control on their projects. Integrated with Exact Synergy Enterprise, this solution places planning, hour entry, and billing, together with other processes that your projects depend on, into one web application. This provides your employees with convenient access to project-related information from anywhere.

The benefits of the Professional services automation solution include:

  • having all key project-related processes, such as planning, hour entry, and billing integrated into Exact Synergy Enterprise
  • quick and efficient planning based on the capacities of employees in a single page
  • online planning and realization of hours available to all employees; and 
  • efficient processing of invoices.

Note: If you are currently using the SDK Timesheet solution, you can migrate existing data from the SDK Timesheet to Exact Synergy Enterprise Professional services automation by downloading the migration script. The following data will be migrated:

  • Customer Rates table
  • Personal Rates table
  • Project Rates table
  • Bulk Project Planning table
  • Invoicing Method at project card


To be able to use the Professional services automation solution, your roles must match the roles specified in the general settings. The same roles must be at the Corporate level.

A typical project planning with the Professional services automation solution may go through the following phases:

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