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Exact Synergy Enterprise - Product Update 262 Summary

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Documents General Document header improved in view mode The look and feel of the document header have been improved on all of the following aspects:{3e890604-6e25-4a5e-91e0-0d657d8d2e4f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Documents Settings Additional security check for documents available for customer login The additional security check for documents has been made available for the customer login. The enhancement is implemented to ensure that certain documents, such as the invoices or vouchers, will remain visible only to the relevant customer contacts.{ca2b0cc1-8a03-46b2-9719-263adc12c8a6}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
ELIS General Integration solutions only supported on ELIS From this product update onwards, the following solutions will only be supported on Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS), and will no longer be supported on the MSI version:{25326194-61a3-491f-9626-f70602418fd9}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
ELIS General Login required if Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) is configured with federated identity authentication If Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) is configured with the federated identity authentication, the ELIS Migration Tool – Login screen will be displayed if the Remember password feature was not enabled in the ELIS console. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b47f0ff64-7152-4255-984a-fa8f4b2862d0%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
ELIS General Login required in Send To Queue tool if Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) is configured with federated identity authentication The ELIS Username and ELIS Password fields will be displayed in the Send To Queue screen if Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) has been configured for the federated identity authentication. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b503dfc47-b499-42be-b8e9-6b8716ef7332%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
ELIS General Username and password fields added in ELIS Repair Tool screen The ELIS Username and ELIS Password fields have been added under the Repair tab in the ELIS Repair Tool screen. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b27a39f2e-e9c9-4418-a1b0-3e765ee8c989%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
General User interface Whitelist for websites available for Embed widget HTML or javascript codes that you have embedded on the Embed widget can now be displayed even if the Allow scripting check box is not selected. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={936b8f0b-ec69-45fb-8510-a6f26a6d151e}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus General Improved integration with Exact Payroll Plus (Dutch legislation) Some technical changes have been made in the different Exact components to improve the integration with Exact Payroll Plus. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={29987f43-3c7b-4dd3-9ed8-73cd28ea9e4c}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Exact Payroll Plus ELIS Improved integration with Exact Payroll Plus (Dutch legislation) We have made some technical changes in the different Exact components to improve the integration with Exact Payroll Plus. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2a9b05cf-5f14-462d-b4f0-3a0e15a32962}&NoSubject=1&NoHeader=1
General User interface Enhancements to project cards Further enhancements to the project card have been introduced. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f92e0e66-a4f1-463c-ab5d-26253cef0154}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
HRM General Access point to view personal card log information introduced The information log of the personal cards has been improved to indicate the location from which the personal cards have been viewed. However, this indication is applicable only for hover cards. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b99c4bae5-8e5c-45f1-bfd0-42d84301ae8d%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
HRM General Function right required to group headcount report by age You can now group the headcount report by age only if you have function right 158 — View resources report. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7f656668-82ee-4414-acce-e87cdd65de41%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
HRM Exact Payroll Plus Ability to terminate employment in Exact Payroll Plus Employment can be terminated in Exact Payroll Plus. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7be3f00516-52e0-4a0e-8907-322a5e690e4d%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Logistics General Easily create items using copy feature You can now create an item by copying the details of an existing item. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b6996eac3-56bc-410e-a8f1-adcd622af4cf%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Mobile General Release notes mobile solutions Exact developed several apps that are characterized by an intuitive interface which is not only user-friendly, but also beautifully designed. The apps are available for Android, iOS and Windows. For more information on the applications, refer to the release notes. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bbdf83160-7438-4994-813b-33b5e183c6a9%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Mobile General Quicker log in to Exact Synergy app with QR code You can now easily log in to your Exact Synergy app from your mobile phone using a QR code. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bb79bf59c-6ca2-43cb-99d1-37336028ae16%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Projects General Enhancements to project cards Further enhancements to the project card have been introduced. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf92e0e66-a4f1-463c-ab5d-26253cef0154%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Service Management General Negative discounts allowed for service activity requests and invoice proposals Service activities with negative discount items can be created (based on the price list and price agreement created in Exact Globe Next for the Part or Hour agreement type). DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bc1508842-c8bb-48d5-8f8c-2c6bd4bfa7ee%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Service Management General Checking conditions implemented for warehouses based on service engineer rights Checking conditions have been implemented to find the warehouse based on the service engineer’s rights to the warehouses (in Exact Globe Next) when adding the additional part or hour item automatically. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bd109c152-b2de-4760-a557-591b068bccd1%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Service Management General Service configuration automatically selected for single service request The service configuration will be automatically selected if the account only has one service configuration, and the Hours required and Hour items fields have been defined under the Defaults: Hour planning section on the Service: Activity types page. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b50148e03-9a04-4f6b-a570-8f70e6a71f0a%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Social Collaboration General New features added for Social Collaboration New features have been added for social collaboration. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={28fb3f2d-e2ca-4a2f-922a-6156d00855e2}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Enhancements to personal data classifications Further enhancements to personal data classifications have been introduced. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b5822fa42-caba-4c0a-9f9f-56e4944ba8ab%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Microsoft Office 2019 and Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (32-bit) supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise From this product update onwards, Microsoft Office 2019 (32-bit) and the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus (32-bit) are supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={7a63c8ef-fe0c-405b-96ea-1f7ca0442fc2}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Microsoft Exchange 2019 supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise From this product update onwards, Microsoft Exchange 2019 and the latest version of Exchange Online is supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={249ef750-2cc9-4261-b7a7-264c6800f22c}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System SOI Synergy Office Integration (SOI) available even when older security protocols are disabled From these product updates onward, Synergy Office Integration (SOI) will continue its function even when the older security protocols, namely SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0, have been disabled. This is also applicable when the security protocol TLS 1.1 has been disabled. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={73860a5f-6434-436f-8ea1-6adf2b97bae0}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System SOI High dots per inch (DPI) display supported for Synergy Office Integration (SOI) The screens in Synergy Office Integration (SOI) have been improved to support high DPI display. The following screens display the enhancement that has been made to the screens at different zoom percentages: DocView.aspx?DocumentID={690d54e0-5d4f-4762-85c0-8d60ddec0fa4}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System SOI Multi-factor authentication supported in SOI From this product update onwards, the multi-factor authentication is supported in Synergy Office Integration (SOI) for WAAD and Auth0. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4c115383-cca3-4e7b-8cd8-012475928911}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System SOI Hyperlink for Synergy Office Integration (SOI) installation renamed The hyperlink for Synergy Office Integration (SOI), accessible via Modules ? System ? Setup under the Other section, has been renamed Installation: Synergy Office Integration. By clicking the hyperlink, you will be directed to the SOI installation page. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={5658739e-98ee-4b88-ad6b-efaf9c9401ff}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Account card widget introduced The Account card widget has been introduced, providing you with one-click access to a snapshot of information of your preferred account. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b0da48938-8d06-4e3a-be3a-5bbe1424c7e0%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Enhancements to widgets Further enhancements have been introduced to the Pivot and Documents list widgets. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2f8fd1ae-90c1-49f1-b886-73dbbc8d8f52}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Requests list widget introduced Your workflow requests can now be displayed on a widget based on the criteria that have been defined in the widget editor. The requests will be listed on the widget based on the request ID in the descending order. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={520065f6-0290-476e-835b-523d9ceb4d5e}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Startup selection improved The following enhancements have been implemented on the Preferences page in Exact Synergy Enterprise. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={543fc9dc-a64a-430a-a332-bb2226718dc2}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Non-main contact person for customers can view contracts in widget. The non-main contact persons of the customers can now view the contract details on the Contracts widget when the View all customer’s documents option has been enabled on the contact cards. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={a48a2cb2-f9dd-4b0c-8342-c9c2812a27c3}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Pivot analysis can be exported to Microsoft Excel format and tile resize available for Pivot analysis widget The Pivot analysis widget has been improved. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={27627aa0-1a45-46d2-aa6f-31b11786310e}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Search by name available at Person field without defining settings The name of the person at the Person field can be searched even though the Show suggestion check box is not selected. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7b800324-9792-40b8-8209-c27223fbd374%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface User interface of Exact Synergy Enterprise Templating Tool updated The user interface of Exact Synergy Enterprise Templating Tool has been updated. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf6ab9af6-50d8-4659-9808-32a5d12922ff%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Web service New web services for mobile app usage allowed to bypass function rights The Project, ProjectMember, ProjectAccount, and ProjectChildren web services are now allowed to bypass function rights. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b8a00077e-ecc9-4213-bcbf-32f27e018913%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Web service Security settings of personal card applied to Person web service The personal card security settings have been applied to the Person web service. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b84a5ad2a-40a4-43ee-88aa-020498a1b94f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Web service Security settings of project card applied to Project web service The project card security settings have been applied to the Project web service. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b94027df3-cf0a-412a-b8f2-cd620361850b%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Back office Back-office connection enhanced for HRM divisions The information of the back-office connection will now be retrieved from the system setup (accessed via Modules ? System ? Setup ? Back office ? Back office connection), instead of the HRM division cards. This is to ensure that the execution of the following background jobs will be successful: DocView.aspx?DocumentID={437df5dc-f8dd-4d2a-b910-0fdd90af1780}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Exact Synergy Enterprise supports OAuth 2.0 Authentication Protocol OAuth 2.0 Authentication Protocol will be supported by Exact Synergy Enterprise. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b4c28fe50-fc36-4825-a1c7-f0ceca358649%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Federated Identity Configurator enhanced to support OAuth 2.0 Several fields have been added in the Federated Identity Configurator to support OAuth 2.0 DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b904ea2b4-2d37-4446-8b71-0c6c39ee999b%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Microsoft Office 2019 and Exchange Server 2019 supported The 32-bit and 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office 2019, as well as Exchange Server 2019, are now supported in Exact Synergy Enterprise (ESE), Exact Exchange Migration Tool, and Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS). DocView.aspx?DocumentID={69dd7202-7d06-42d4-a1ef-5238f3b75284}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System Widget Feed widget supports ATOM feed format The feed widget will support the ATOM feed format whereby the widget will be able to read and display the ATOM or RSS feed format data. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bbe5a4811-498e-4541-8b71-c76ba46c33fc%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates To Past Releases System Product Update 261: Personal data classifications enhanced Enhancements have been introduced for features related to personal data classification. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b6c9e4a30-c095-40e7-b08b-02fd529abab4%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Updates To Past Releases Exact Payroll Plus Product Update 261: Exact Synergy Enterprise integrated with Exact Payroll Plus for storing data for payroll processing Exact Synergy Enterprise will be integrated with Exact Payroll Plus. Exact Payroll Plus is a SaaS solution that focuses on payroll. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bad1ceee4-c9ed-4538-9873-baf1368c1362%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Workflow Requests Requests can be filtered by account divisions The requests in workflow can now be filtered by account divisions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3a9d7675-f7ad-4e0c-8f89-81d1c02fdfe6}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Workflow Requests Request type icon displayed on request search page and request feeds on timeline The icon that you have selected for a specific request type will be displayed in the search results (for both the expanded and compressed views). If the default icon is used for the request type, the default icon will be displayed in the search results. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bc5901c2c-a28a-401b-8628-31c6ee491af2%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Log for error in workspace thumbnail generation improved Errors in generating thumbnails for workspaces will now be grouped in the log so that they can be searched easily. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b86b6bdc0-dc80-4251-a46a-b70b3aa80c98%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface New views available when viewing listing of search results for assets and invoices In addition to the column view, you can now display the listing of the search results for assets and financial transactions in invoices in the expanded or compressed view. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b578131a6-7246-4615-9bee-a4ab49673e96%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System User interface Whitelist for websites available for Embed widget HTML or javascript codes that you have embedded on the Embed widget can now be displayed even if the Allow scripting check box is not selected. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b936b8f0b-ec69-45fb-8510-a6f26a6d151e%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
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