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Exact Synergy   

Installation and update procedures Exact e-Synergy on web servers.


Exact Synergy is an internet-based application. Besides the program itself the complete environment consists of Microsoft Internet Information services, which is delivered with Windows,  and Microsoft SQL server. Exact Synergy is installed on the Web server(s). The database server could be installed on the same physical machine but can also be installed on separate server. This document contains a an overview for installing Exact Synergy with links to more detailed documents per item.


Supported platforms

  Installation SQL Server  

Installation Exact Synergy

Hardware and Software requirements for Exact Synergy
Installing SQL Server 2012
Installation Exact Synergy
      Installing SQL Server 2014
Installation on Windows 2008 Server

Installing SQL Server 2016

Installing SQL Server 2017


Internet Information Services (IIS)

  background Jobs  

Security & Performance

Configuration of Internet Information Server
Configuration background jobs
Important information

Internet Information Services (IIS7)
Security checklist 

Security whitepaper

Technical Start Page




Related documents

  Update Exact Synergy   Errors

Installation Exact Synergy web server
Update procedure Exact Synergy
Synergy error messages (Installation)

Installation Exact Synergy application server
Exact Synergy release notes
Exact Synergy FAQ

IIS authentication modes used by Exact Synergy

Configuration IIS Authenticated Portals

Configuration IIS Anonymous web site

Introduction Synergy Installation

Introduction Synergy Installation - Manual



The use of internet has a huge impact on the security and infrastructure of the company. At first the infrastructure was only used by internal employees and not accessible by the outside world. Using a Web-based product means that a part of the infrastructure should be opened to the outside world. To prevent that these users can have access to the rest of the internal network, the security of the infrastructure should have the highest priority. Besides this, the network performance should be guaranteed. Because the information can now also be viewed by anyone outside the company, a few recommendations are made:

  • Check the network performance regularly.
  • Secure the internal network in order to prevent intruders from gaining access to important information or to the rest of the infrastructure by use of a firewall.
  • Avoid single point of failure.
  • Define a back-up policy.
  • Use SSL key in order to access Exact Synergy via encrypted https instead of un-encrypted http

The following document helps to understand what kind of security measurements can be taken

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