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How-to: Setting SOI's language to English only for GPO deployment

The Orca database editor is a table-editing tool available in the Windows Installer SDK and it can be used to edit your .msi files. The tool provides a graphical interface for validation, highlighting the particular entries where validation errors or warnings occur. You can edit the properties of any MSI, change the title, and text within the installer. You can view at how and where the files are delivered.

This document provides the steps required for system administrators to install ORCA and edit SOI MSI.

Install Orca.MSI  

  • In order to edit any MSI files, you will need to install Orca.MSI into your local drive. You may download the Orca.MSI file which is attached to this document.
  • Once installed, you can select Edit with Orca. See the following sample screen: 

 SynergyOfficeIntergration.msi.Orca screen

  • To view the Summary information, click View at the SynergyOfficeIntergration.msi.Orca screen. See the following sample screen:

Edit Summary Information screen


  • At the Edit Summary Information screen, under Languages, remove all other language codes and type 1033. See the following sample screen:

  • Click OK and select  to save all entries at the SynergyOfficeIntergration.msi.Orca screen. See the following sample screen:

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Orca.Msi 1.9 MB Download