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WMS/ICL error: Fatal error: connection failed / System.runtime.InteropServices.COMException


When starting a WMS or ICL control center, following error is shown:

"Fatal error: connection failed

System.runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x800403EC): Connection failed.

at ExeaSDK6.SDKAppClass.Initialize(Object oExactApp, String sParams, Int32 Hwnd) .."


Possible causes and solutions

In general, this error says WMS (or ICL) can not connect to the Globe database using Globe SDK.

This can be caused by:

  • not all components are registered (exeaSDK6.exe for example)
    exeaSDK6.exe can be registered by opening a command prompt in the Globe BIN folder and typing: exeaSDK6.exe /regserver
  • incorrect file versions of SDK, ExeaSDK6.exe or Interop*Exea.DLL (3 files)
  • SDK compatibility problem (version of SDK is not compatible with this version of WMS)

If this problem occurred after updating Globe 403 on March 5th or 6th 2012, the reason is very specific.

The cause of this problem is then a temporary problem in SDK component CSSDKConnect.dll, file version 4.01.0061.

You need CSSDKConnect.dll version (or earlier version

Just update 403 again.

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