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Product Updates 422, 421 and 420: MT940 format for Deutsche Bank improved

Deutsche Bank has improved the MT940 format of the bank statement to support the updated structure for tag 86 in the MT940 format for banks in the Netherlands. In addition, the bank import logic has been enhanced to support both unstructured and structured MT940 formats for banks in Germany.

This enhancement is applicable to Deutsche Bank branches that are using the “DE” country cash instrument.

Tag 86

Tag 86 has been improved with the following fixed structure and identifier for the following elements:

  • EREF
  • PREF
  • MREF
  • ORDP
  • BENM
  • REMI
  • ACCW 

Each element will include several values and will be separated by the “?” character. If there are missing values, the character “?” will also be used for closure. The different transactions included in the tag can also contain different identifiers such as capital and lower-case letters, numbers, period, comma, et cetera.

Any character that does not fit the list will be substituted by a space.

Matching logic for EREF element for tag 86

The new matching logic is applicable for bank branches in Germany and follows the existing logic that is used by the bank branches in the Netherlands. It is also valid only if the element is provided in the tag. The element is expected to present the same values provided to the bank by the initiating party and refers to the values that are provided in the element EndToEndId.

An additional extra matching logic will also be applied if you use either the low or high speed when importing the bank statements.

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