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PU 424 | 423 | 422 (Globe) and 501 | 500 (Globe+): Improved matching criteria for CAMT.053 imports for Slovak bank accounts (SEPA)

In Globe, you can import bank statements in the CAMT.053 format and use automatic matching during the import for faster processing of data. You can do this through Cash flow > Entries > Import. For more information, see Overview of imported and to be imported bank statements.

In this product update, we have further improved the bank statement import and matching functionalities for the CAMT.053 format. This enhancement also aims to support the national standard format of SEPA Credit Transfer (SCT) in Slovakia.

For the Slovak CAMT.053 format, the EndtoEndId tag consists of the invoice number together with the payment symbols "/VS". For example, "/VS92040348/SS2201309/KS0308" (as shown in the screen below).

Improved matching process with the updated EndtoEndId tag

Now the system automatically recognises the variable symbol “/VS” from the EndtoEndId tag as the invoice number from the Slovak CAMT.053. This improves the matching rate during the bank import process.

See the following SK CAMT.053 sample file:

This update is only applied to the matching logic. Fields that include the value from the EndtoEndId tag are not affected, as shown in the following example of a matched cash flow entry:

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