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The various components of Exact Globe Next


Exact Globe Next consists of multiple features that together ensure you can configure your processes in an optimum way. During the installation you can indicate what features you wish to install and deploy. This document gives an overview of the various features that Exact Globe next consists of.


Exact Globe Next
Exact Globe completely organizes the administrative processes under your business processes. Dependent on your license, you can automate financial, logistic, production and sales processes. For more information on the possibilities of Exact Globe you may refer to online information and videos.

Exact Synergy Enterprise
The Exact Synergy Enterprise functionality within Exact Globe Next offers your company improved online collaboration. Colleagues can send each other and share online tasks. These tasks can be linked to a document or an account and shown in an overview, your workflow. Each task allows for adding and editing information, giving you a full trace of the history of that particular task.

Next to this, your users can benefit from the planning possibilities within Exact Synergy Enterprise, get information on the planning of their colleagues and share news with each other by means of an intranet news page.

All your users are by default a “Synergy user’. This means that all the users can use the standard functionality of the Exact Synergy Enterprise component of Exact Globe Next. An example of this standard functionality is the creation of a task or requesting a day off.

On top of this you have one user with the role ‘Professional’ that can be used for the installation and setup of Exact Globe Next. This user is only meant to be used for installation and setup. For a standard installation Exact will only support this use and not support the additional functionalities. In case you want to have support on the additional functionalities and settings that are outside of the standard functionality of Exact Globe Next you can contact the sales department of Exact.

Above functionalities are only the very basics of what Exact Synergy Enterprise has to offer. At any time when your company is ready for it, you can extend your license of Exact Synergy Enterprise and start to make use of more advanced functionality. More information on Exact Synergy Enterprise can be found in this online information and videos.  

Exact Event Manager
Exact Event Manager is a business activity monitoring, alerting, and automation tool. Event Manager may be applied to challenges in every part of a business, leading to decreased costs, increased productivity, improved customer satisfaction and even higher revenue. Event Manager helps you in monitoring your business by performing actions based on the alerts you defined. An alert can be an event that occurred (such as a sales order above a particular amount) or events that didn’t occur (such as an invoice not paid for a defined period of time). The actions that automatically get performed as a result of such events are flexible and could be the creation of a document, creation of a workflow task, sending an email etc. With Exact Globe Next the 8 standard events listed below, are deployed and ready to use. The resulting action(s) can be defined in a flexible way by the system administrator.

If you’ve discovered the power of Exact Event manager and wish to be able to create additional events, you may extend your Exact Event manager license at any time. No need for a re-installation but simply update the license will be sufficient. More information on Exact Event manager can be found in this online information and videos.  


Exact Globe Next offers you out-of-the-box dashboards showing critical information on 6 areas within an administration: management, Revenue, Cost, Result, Cash and Risk. Using these dashboards will give users a quick and easy overview on important performance indicators within your company. Of course security setting scan be defined to specify which users are allowed to see what dashboards and for what administrations:

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The dashboards make use of the integration between Exact Synergy Enterprise with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services.

For more information on the integration with Microsoft SQL Reporting Services, you may refer to the following videos.

Exact Integration
Exact Integration is a standard part within the deployment of Exact Globe Next and takes care of the integration between Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise parts within Exact Globe Next. As an example, in case you would create or modify a customer account in Exact Globe, it will instantly be created or modified in Exact Synergy Enterprise as well. Via this instant synchronization, you’ll only need to enter your data once and use it in any part within Exact Globe Next.

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