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Troubleshooting Central Warehouse: services error messages

These messages can be shown by the Central Warehouse (CW) services in the Windows application event log.

1.       "Cannot initialise configuration system" (Dutch: "Kan het configuratiesysteem niet initialiseren")
De-install the service(s) and install them again. Change the configuration files installed with these services (do not restore copies of previous configuraton files)

2.       "User not found"  ("Gebruiker niet gevonden")
The account used for running the services should also be an active user (with access) in Globe. Also, the resource who originally entered the Sales Company sales order, should still exist in Globe in the Sales Company.

3.       "Label from queue not correctly formatted"
This only applies to older versions of CW using Microsoft Message Queueing. Check if the queue settings are entered correctly, and not entered the same queue twice for two processes.

4.       "Database version not correct" ("Database versie niet correct")
Check if the PC or server where the services are running, actually contains the same Globe and Pick-IT version as the workstations. Globe workstation setup and re-installing the services is always necessary when Globe or Pick-IT version changes.

5.       "No valid license installed" ("Ongeldige licentie")
This message will show if the services are still running when the Globe database is not updated yet to a new license or Globe release, or while updating. So stop the services temporarily in this case. This error may also show if the license switched to demo license when exceeding the maximum number of Globe users.

6.       "Error while reading the general Pick-IT settings. The setting "license number Exact' is not correct" or "Fout bij het lezen van de algemene Pick-IT instellingen. De instelling 'licentienummer Exact' is niet correct gevuld".
This only applies to older versions of CW (SDK version), when a specific Pick-IT license was required. Solution: generate a license with the Pick-IT License Creator (contact Pick-IT team), including the CW modules and Pick-IT sales orders and receipts. Enter the new code in system/general/settings/PI General
. Check if you can now re-open the Control Center. Restart the RF/CW services after this.

7.       "Wrong server name" ("Verkeerde server naam" )
Check all debtors used as Central Warehouse debtors in the central database (button "Central Warehouse" in debtor maintenance). Check if the server name and database/company name are still valid.

8.       "Retrieving the COM-classfactory for component with CLSID {99C009A2-9C1B-47A6-835A-C8720CF045EF} failed because of error: 80040154." (or: 80008000), or
"Het ophalen van de COM-classfactory voor het onderdeel met CLSID {99C009A2-9C1B-47A6-835A-C8720CF045EF} is mislukt vanwege de volgende fout: 80040154." (of: 80008000).

Probably not all Pick-IT/Central Warehouse components are registered correctly and also it is possible that the versions of the DLL files are not correct
Perform the Globe workstation installation again (as administrator), preferably after first uninstalling Globe and deleting the Globe program folder. 
Check also if the Globe network installation type refers to the correct components (check SynergyProductUpdater.lst for double entries like on 'ExeaSDKShell.exe' or entries with wrong versions).
Check if Microsoft .NET Framework 2 (or higher) and all updates and servicepacks are installed. Re-installing .NET may be necessary.

9.       "Error while reading general Pick-IT settings. Invalid: setting archive directory
 or "Fout bij het lezen van de algemene Pick-IT instellingen. Ongeldig: instelling Archief directory".

Even if CW does not use the Pick-IT settings, some general settings still have to be set. Fill the settings in menu [System/ General/Settings/PI General] : 'Archive' and 'Communication' directory. To avoid creating these folders on all PC's, you might want to use a server share here. There is nothing saved or deleted in these shares with CW. The settings for "Check stock" and  "Calculation" are more important, these are actually used in the fulfillment control center of CW ('process orders').

10.   "Error while reading general Pick-IT settings. Invalid: setting data transfer" or "Fout bij het lezen van de algemene Pick-IT instellingen. Ongeldig: Instelling Datatransfer".
See the error above, this is the setting for "Communication" in the general PI settings.


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