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E-WMS settings: WMS Inventory



This documents describes the settings available for the E-WMS stock inventory process in menu path System, General, Settings, WMS Inventory, as available per product update 410.


The settings tab 'WMS Inventory' contains settings specific for the inventory process of E-WMS. Besides these module settings, also hand terminal settings have to be configured.

You can jump directly to a specific settings section:

Section: General   

This setting determines the default method of sending transactions to, or reading transactions from the mobile devices. This document provides more information on E-WMS communication methods. When in Exact Globe Next maintenance of warehouses (WMS button) a specific communication type was configured, than that communication type will be used, instead of this one. For guided counts, communication method 'Scanner - ASP' is required.

Ask user
When enabled, at each communication action in the Control Center, the user is able to choose the communication method (pop-up window) during read back of counts.

Scan code
Determines how an item is identified after scanning a item- or scan code in the 'item' field. See document WMS scan code setting.

This is the default printer used when printing E-WMS reports; this document provides more information.

Allow additions
When working with guided counts (count list sent to the scanners to be confirmed), it is possible to add items which were not expected. For these 'additions', E-WMS offers general module settings and hand terminal settings. This setting determines if it is allowed to add extra items to a sales order in general. When disabled, the 'add' button is disabled on any hand terminal, regardless of the hand terminal setting 'allow additions'. When reading back any additions (made before this setting was disabled) they will be regarded as 'picking error'. When enabled, the hand terminal setting decides if additions are allowed or not, and after reading back additions are not regarded as 'picking error'.

Reports: SKU details
This setting is available from release 409. When enabled, the count reports show serial number items and/or inner SKU numbers per outer SKU number. When disabled, only one line is shown per outer SKU holding serial numbers or inner SKUs. For serial numbers the column 'Serial/batch' will show as an asterisk '*' ('condensed').

Section: Send to scanner   

These settings apply only to 'guided' counts in menu [Inventory, Warehouse management, WMS Stock Inventory, Control Center Guided Counts], when sending counts to the mobile devices.

Report settings
See document WMS reports.

Filter order lines
When enabled, an extra pop-up will show when sending counts to the scanners, which gives the possibility to split selected items based on some selection criteria to different scanners. See document WMS setting "Filter order lines". Counts can only be filtered on zone and location, as counts are already sent per item (or selection of multiple items) to the mobile devices.

Picking method
This setting determines the sort order of the count lines sent to the scanner, in combination with 'Picking method 2' and 'Picking method 3'.  'Picking method' determines the primary sort order for the lines to be picked. Possible choices are:

  • By location: sorted by warehouse location
  • By item code: sorted by item code
  • By item classification: sorted by the item picking classification, as configured in item maintenance, WMS button (available from product update 406)
  • By item group: sorted by the item's item group as configured in item maintenance, 'Financial' tab  (available from product update 406)

Picking method 2 and Picking method 3
These settings are available from product update 406, for E-WMS I (SE1380). These settings offer additional sorting options to 'Picking method', and are default set to '(none)'. In case your picking location contain more than item code per location, you could add an additional sorting level, per location. For example by item code, or by item classification.

Assign specific scanner
See document WMS setting "assign specific scanner".


Section: Read from scanner / Import file  

These settings apply to the process step of reading back counts from the hand terminals.

File name
See document WMS 'file name' settings.

Specifies how to handle double counts during read back: counts where location and item code are the same in the counts already read back earlier.

  • Ask user: For each double count, a pop-up window will show on read back, asking the user what action to take (offering the same options as these next options:)
  • Combine: Add the new count to the existing count
  • New data: Overwrite the old count with this new count
  • Old date: Disregard the new count and keep the old count

Reports setting
See document WMS reports.

Section: Recount   

Recounts for E-WMS Guided Counts was introduced in product update 403, and is a sub process within the E-WMS counts process. Recounts can be repeated until you 'trust' the count. For more information, please see document WMS Inventory: Recounts.

Enable recounts
This setting has following choices:

  • Always show recounts screen
    After reading back counts, the 'Start recounts' screen will always show automatically. All count lines having at least a 'maximum' difference (see below), are automatically selected for recount. You are also able to start recounts manually from status Scanned or Validated.
  • When exceeding maximum difference
    After reading back counts, the 'Start recounts' will only show automatically when differences, higher than the 'maximum difference %' (see below), have been encountered. All count lines having at least this 'maximum' difference, are automatically selected for recount. You are also able to start recounts manually from status Scanned or Validated.
  • Never (default)
    The 'Start recounts' screen will never show automatically, and also the recounts buttons are not visible in the counts control center.

Maximum difference (%)
This setting is used to automatically select count lines for recounts in the 'Start recounts' screen, and to start the 'Start recounts' screen only when large differences are encountered ('enable recounts' was set to 'When exceeding maximum difference')

Section: Compare   

These settings apply to the process step of 'comparing' counts with the actual Exact Globe Next shelf stock. Comparing should only be done after all counts are read back, but it is possible to compare again in status 'validated'.  After starting 'compare', two reports will be shown: one with items which have no difference, and one report which shows the differences to process.

After comparing, counts with a difference are moved to status 'Validated'. Counts resulting in no difference are no longer visible, since there is no difference to be processed.

Reports setting
See document WMS reports.


Section: Process   

These settings apply to the processing of the calculated differences, after which the count will be come shelf stock.

Reports setting
See document WMS reports.

Generate WMS allocations
Available from release 410 for E-WMS I (ASP) and only visible when usage of 'WMS allocations' is enabled. When this setting is enabled, SKU counts and serial/batch counts linked to the project assigned when creating the count, are processed using WMS allocations. The counted stock will be allocated to that project, and will only be advised for sales orders also linked to the used project code. If disabled, the counted stock is not allocated in E-WMS, or an existing allocation (through an earlier WMS receipt process) is unaffected.
Please note: when this setting is enabled, and you would be using a project for financial purposes, like a project 'Year_inventory', the counted stock would be allocated to project 'Year_inventory', and only advised to sales orders also linked to that project. WMS Allocations can be removed through menu WMS, To be processed, WMS Allocations. For this scenario, it would be advisable to disable this setting before processing the count (and then also restart the Control Center before processing).

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