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ICL invoice export fails "Header amount isn't the same as the total of the amounts in the lines"


When starting ICL export of invoices in menu Order, To be processed, ICL Central Admin, Export invoices the following error report appears:

Company (): Error: Sales invoice (): Purchase invoice: Not processed.
Company (): Error: Sales order (): Unknown error. ICL invoice (10000017): Header amount isn't the same as the total of the amounts in the lines.
Company (): Error: Company (): Error: Sales order (): Unknown error.
Company (): Error: Sales order (): Unknown error. ProcessFinEntryPostFinal: Amutak ID is nil!

or, in Dutch:

Administratie (): Fout: Verkoopfactuur (): Inkoopfactuur niet verwerkt
Administratie (): Fout: Order (): Onbekende fout. ICL invoice (10000017): Bedrag in de kop en het totaalbedrag van de invoerregels zijn ongelijk.
Administratie (): Fout: Verkoopfactuur (): Onbekende fout
Administratie (): Fout: Order (): Onbekende fout. ProcessFinEntryPostFinal: Amutak ID is nul!

After closing this report, the 'OK' report also pops up, showing that the invoice is exported. But the export did not succeed.



The error messages in line 1 and 4 are just the result of the original error, and report that the new financial entry was not created.
Line 3 indicates that the actual reason of the problem is not known.
Line 2 states the real problem: the total of the separate lines imported (and rolled back because of this error) does not match the total amount of the sales invoice.

The second 'OK' report is always shown at the moment, even after an error report.

When ICL creates the separate entry lines for the purchase invoice, the field FRHSRG.bdr_ev_ed_val is used for the entry line amount. After the last line, the total of this field is compared with the sales invoice total in FRHKRG.TOT_BDRBVV. When the totals do not match, either the difference is automatically written to a separate entry line on the company's 'calculation differences' G/L account, or the error report above will show.


Causes and solutions

Several circumstances can cause a difference between the total of the financial entry lines and the expected sales invoice total. Following reasons are known at this time.

Different VAT percentage, or rule items used



The VAT code used in the item/supplier master data is used as basis for the VAT code to use in the purchase invoice entry line. But when the VAT percentage of that VAT code differs from the VAT percentage used in the sales invoice, than there will be a difference in the VAT amount. Normally the ICL error report will in those cases clearly show that there is a difference in VAT percentages.

When using rule items (freight charges from central to sales company) it is not possible to link a supplier (with a default VAT code) in the rule item master data. So for rule items, ICL can not use the supplier/item data to determine the VAT code and an ICL VAT link must always be configured.


1. You can configure a default VAT code for the supplier (the supplier representing the central company in the sales company) in menu Finance, Accounts payable, Maintain. This VAT code will than be used for rule items.

2. You can set up 'ICL VAT codes' in System, Logistics, Intercompany Logistics, ICL VAT links. This is a special table to 'translate' VAT codes used in the sales invoice to specific VAT codes available in the sales company. If the VAT code used in the sales invoice is found in this table, the linked 'local' VAT code will be used, and ICL will not search further for the VAT code.


Problem with field frhsrg.bdr_ev_ed_val



It turned out, that in some cases the amount field  FRHSRG.bdr_ev_ed_val was filled with an amount, in payment condition 'phantom item' lines. There should be no amount in these type of invoice lines, this amount is also no part of the actual invoice total.  Because this amount is however included in the ICL entry line amount calculation, the comparison of line totals versus invoice header total does not match, resulting in the above error report.

The error report would only show in ICL versions prior to release 3246. From release 3246, 'payment condition' invoice lines are disregarded by ICL. That hotfix was not based on this specific problem, but will solve the symptom (not the actual cause) of this specific problem.



Upgrade to Globe 398, or perform an update within Globe 398.


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