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Cash Flow General Priority payment file (iFile) improved for HSBC Australia The priority payment file (iFile bank format) for HSBC Australia has been improved. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={edbc31b6-9c28-4006-bcd8-7474882127d1}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Cash Flow General Payment purpose code supported in HSBC iFile for HSBC Malaysia To support the payment purpose code functionality in the HSBC iFile format, the following enhancement has been made. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={1003f9e0-a3da-46a1-9505-b2b636fb6ad9}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Cash Flow General Payment reference information in Priority payment file (iFile) improved for HSBC Singapore and China The payment reference information of the Second Party Details Record’s (SECPTY) segment of the priority payment files (iFile bank format) has been improved for HSBC Singapore and China. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ab1f0bf3-3712-48e0-9ec2-ba68ef7b6bf4}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Cash Flow General HSBC bank and ISO 20022 SCT file supported for United States The HSBC bank is now available as one of the bank options that can be selected when creating cash instruments for the United States. In addition, the ISO 20022 standard is also supported for the SCT file format for HSBC and other banks. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={15167372-043d-4fd6-8ed6-0652ec7f80c0}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Cash Flow Entity Update for FinancialPaymentTerm entity supported The FinancialPaymentTerm entity can now be updated and it is applicable to the blocked terms, own bank accounts, offset bank accounts, amounts, and term percentages of the invoice terms. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={80ff2c3e-2788-46d3-8e45-91c5af224cd6}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Cash Flow SEPA SEPA payment instructions enhanced for foreign payments You can now define the type of charges for the non-Euro and Euro transactions that are made to countries outside of the SEPA zone. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={d51a4059-61b1-4adf-93f9-2ea4ef9fdfab}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Czech Republic Enhancements to European Union (EU) sales list (Czech legislation)
Enhancements include an update to the list of local tax offices and support for recording of territorial workplaces.
Country Specific Hungary Flexibility in correction invoice submission for NAV online invoicing system (Hungarian legislation) The Nemzeti Adó-és Vámhivatal (NAV) online invoicing system functionality in Exact Globe Next has been improved to facilitate the submission of the correction invoices and credit notes. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4e43656a-db6c-412d-9ff8-9b9deb630403}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Hungary National Tax and Custom Administration (NAV) online invoicing system version 2.0 introduced (Hungarian legislation) The Nemzeti Adó-és Vámhivatal (NAV) or National Tax and Custom Administration online invoicing system has been improved whereby version 2.0 has been made available to support technical improvements and interface changes, offer better data security measures and an updated XML schema, among others. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={755b35f8-5599-4199-85f6-3d0db38d8815}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland JPK_VDEK electronic VAT reporting format introduced (Polish legislation) As of July 1, 2020, it will be mandatory for all taxpayers to submit their VAT reporting in the JPK_VDEK format. The new reporting format will consist all VAT records and registrations, as well as the VAT declaration information, in a single document. It will also contain additional data that is required for the analysis of the correctness of settlement. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={62650f0e-486c-4bd7-ad54-7333092ab320}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Invoices can be split during payment (Polish legislation) The split payment functionality in Exact Globe Next has been improved whereby you can now split the invoices during payment, and can opt to pay only the VAT or the invoice amount first. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={abc3e571-dd15-4a45-8a77-ec8d5d3bdde5}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland JPK_MAG XML file improved (Polish legislation) The JPK_MAG XML file has been improved whereby the reporting of the internal receipt transactions has been transferred from the <RW> tag to the <PZ> tag of the XML file. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f3c875a3-9c3b-4a94-a8f7-dd0f04f0ea62}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Polish currency available for elements in JPK_FA XML file (Polish legislation) The Polish currency, namely Polish zloty (PLN), will now be used for the following elements of the JPK_FA XML file. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={954da8a1-da1d-495d-a6d4-e5054a27354a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Schema for JPK_FA audit file improved (Polish legislation) The schema for the JPK_FA audit file will be upgraded to version 2.0 and will be made available on July 1, 2019. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2cb44670-c75a-49f6-ab3e-19146e5c07bb}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Non-deductible VAT code supported for split payment (Polish legislation) The purchase entries with the non-deductible VAT code will now be included in the VAT amount for the split payments. The enhancement is applicable to the transactions that use the PLN currency. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={d8f05a1f-ba40-442b-aed8-37c81df2ad2f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Supplier of goods displayed as creditor in audit files and VAT registers (Polish legislation) The supplier of goods will now be displayed as the creditor in the JPK_VAT audit files and VAT purchase registers. The creditor information, which includes the supplier’s name, address and VAT number, will be displayed in the foreign purchase invoices that are created by the countries outside of European Union. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={5008d833-21d9-403f-aa8d-625130df06fb}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Sales register audit file JPK_FA(3) is available (Polish legislation) The schema for the JPK_FA audit file will be upgraded to version 3.0 and will be made available on December 1, 2019. In line with the implementation of the new audit file, from this product update onwards, the old schema of JPK_FA(2) will no longer be supported. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={a0f6e9e3-b38e-4e3b-a75e-7ed0ae2ea35d}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands Improvements in the interfacing for electronic submission of VAT returns, EU sales lists, and payroll via DIGIPoort (Dutch legislation) Digipoort will now replace Business Application Programming Interface (BAPI), which has been discontinued. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={acf6bfb2-6787-412d-a434-4a3866aa605b}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands Header for XBRL files updated for year 2020 (Dutch legislation) To comply with the latest tax requirements and to support the tax submission in year 2020, the header for the XBRL files for the VAT return, VAT correction, and EU sales list has been improved. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3b1b6647-84b3-4d65-92f6-16fa1563b356}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands Field 5d disabled in VAT return form (Dutch legislation) From this product update onwards, the field 5d will be disabled in the VAT return screen, and its value in the generated VAT return form will be "0". DocView.aspx?DocumentID={406aaabd-e8df-4877-b634-beb73dcd6f13}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands XBRL header updated for taxonomy (Dutch legislation) To comply with the tax requirements of year 2019, the taxonomy for the Dutch legislation has been updated with the latest XBRL header. This enhancement is applicable to the VAT returns, VAT corrections, and the EU sales lists, and will be effective beginning 2019. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={43ffc2e1-03c9-4c70-a53b-fd6d910aa70d}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands Updated support for SI-UBL 1.2 and SI-UBL 2.0 (Dutch legislation)
In line with the Dutch legislation, Exact Globe Next has also enhanced support for import and export of electronic invoices that use the SI1.2-UBL2.1 and SI2.0-UBL2.1 formatting.
Country Specific Germany ERiC (Elster Rich Client Development Toolkit) versions and introduced (German legislation) The latest versions of the ERiC (Elster Rich Client Development Toolkit) library, version and, are now available for you to send VAT returns, EU sales lists, and E-bilanz. As of year 2019, all legal submissions can be done via the latest ERiC versions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={38653bb0-3ffe-4b95-99fc-79928ebb1de9}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany ERiC (Elster Rich Client Development Toolkit) version introduced (German legislation) The latest version of the ERiC (Elster Rich Client Development Toolkit) library, version, is now available for you to send VAT returns, EU sales lists, and E-bilanz. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={d2d3a4fc-6f89-4dd7-b26d-fe4ff219db61}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany Fiscal taxonomy version 6.1 now supported (German legislation) A new taxonomy version 6.1 (2017.04.01) has been introduced and can be imported into Exact Globe Next. The latest taxonomy version will use the financial reporting of year 2018. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={122d6585-8d5b-42c6-a3de-4453f4f3c677}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany Enhancements to VAT return form (German legislation) The German tax authorities have introduced a new VAT return form to be used for tax submission in 2019. With this, changes have been made to the printed layout of the VAT return form. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={0378e56e-97ca-4284-a439-776cf125b977}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany VAT listing improved (German legislation) When the Standard cost price (Classic) is selected as the valuation method in Inventory settings, some tax differences can be seen in the VAT listing report for VAT-charged transactions due to the price differences general ledger. The price differences general ledger of the VAT-charged transactions can now be compressed with the invoices to be received general ledger in the VAT listing report when the Compress: Price differences account to ITR check box is selected. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4f5598ae-aa37-47b6-b950-512a2d7f1e04}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Italy E-invoices in the FatturaPA XML format now supported (Italian legislation) From January 1, 2019, domestic e-invoices must be generated in the FatturaPA XML format. The XML files must also be submitted to the Italian government’s Sistema di Interscambio (SDI) platform. This format is the new e-invoicing framework applicable only to the Italian legislation. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={c9e88e5c-cad3-47e6-90cc-a48ed4f5bed1}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Italy Improved VAT return XML file available for year 2018 (Italian legislation) The improved version of the VAT return XML file has been made available for year 2018. With this, the submission of the electronic VAT returns can be done with ease as the latest changes in the specifications for year 2018 are now supported in Exact Globe Next. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={0cef64b6-e18f-4a0c-9004-4c1d57d1eec1}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Italy Periodic VAT settlements quarterly (Italian legislation) To comply with the latest tax requirements, the transactions for the monthly VAT returns will now be grouped and reported in separate blocks in the XML file, instead of in a single block. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={bb643a2e-9dfa-4cc9-9cf4-8f72f3e09f10}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific All Function right to modify processed entries available (All legislations) The To change processed cash entries function right has been made available to allow users to modify entries of the Cash journal type or entries of the general journal with the Cash general ledger type. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={e401426e-ec7c-4fc8-a67e-eb0c13475a42}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific France Automatic process and modification available for entries of Cash journal type (French legislation) In these product updates, the cash entries will now be automatically processed upon saving and can be modified when the required function rights are available. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={28abdfc0-8aa6-4b3b-977a-326ff839b19a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific France VAT boxes updated for VAT return form (French legislation) The descriptions for the VAT boxes in the VAT return form have been updated to comply with the latest tax requirements. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4a446a24-d753-4776-8c38-1080e452046b}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Spain Model 390 improved (Spanish legislation) The Model 390 electronic form, which states the annual summary of the VAT declaration, has been improved to support the current legislative changes. From this product update onwards, the new VAT boxes will replace the old VAT boxes in the related screens and in the tax file for the submission of year 2018. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={976b5900-097e-4d66-91bd-ec00acd9e84f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Spain Model 303 enhanced for VAT returns 2018 (Spanish legislation) The Model 303 form has been enhanced to support the VAT returns for the financial year 2018. The enhancements are as follows: DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4d7ce8f4-9c8d-44a3-88c9-3ecbf6f7e649}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Hungary Synchronization of due date between invoice data and extra data available (Hungarian legislation) When modifying the due date in the invoices, the update can now be synchronized to the extra data. Previously, the due date had to be updated separately for the invoices and extra data. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={288bffe1-3dab-4730-8dc2-7856dba8ed04}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Hungary Validation of VAT number for invoice debtors available (Hungarian legislation) The validation of the VAT numbers of the invoice debtors will now be performed to ensure successful connection and submission to the National Tax and Custom Administration (NAV) online invoicing system. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={8a030093-a973-46ea-b9e2-977ff2a9638f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Hungary Exchange rates improved for invoices (Hungarian legislation) The currency and VAT exchange rates for the normal, aggregate, and periodical invoices have been improved whereby the exchange rates will now be based on the exchange rate settings and invoice types. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={4c2662b9-3b4b-42e1-94ef-6f50cc2cf55a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Hungary Automatic upload, refresh, and resend available for NAV submission invoices (Hungarian legislation) You can now automatically upload, refresh, and resend invoices that are subject to the National Tax and Custom Administration (NAV) submission. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={9ba86ee2-7bcc-43b1-9177-81012ac42e09}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Exporting financial statement reports in Microsoft Excel format supported (Polish legislation) You can now directly export the financial statement reports to the Microsoft Excel format. The enhancement is applicable to Option: 605 for the Polish legislation, and is applicable to the SE0008_PLSFIN module. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={2c48a768-ff92-44a2-ba5a-6b7d64991520}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Intrastat settings and XML functionality enhanced (Polish legislation) The Intrastat settings and XML functionality can now be accessed at Invoice ➔ Statistics ➔ Intrastat. The settings and XML functionality are available in the Intrastat overview screen via the Settings and XML buttons. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b239237c-d681-4020-a083-ca3b1b62bc02}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Hungary Version 1.1 available for NAV online invoicing system (Hungarian legislation) The schema version 1.1 is now available for the NAV online invoicing system and will be effective for the submission of the invoices starting from April 1, 2019 and onwards. Therefore, invoices using the previous schema version are required to be submitted before April 1, 2019. Failing to do so will result in the rejection of the invoices by the tax authority. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3ad4bfb9-c7f4-447a-a2eb-d784a349f98e}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Austria Changes to 2019 Austria Kammerumlage (Austrian legislation) In Austria, the Chamber assessment 1 (KU1) is used to finance the Economic Chamber (WKO) and in principle, must be paid by all members of the WKO. It is however exempted for members with the taxable income not exceeding EUR 150,000. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b72e7be4-07e1-4be0-8f27-902dfe554896}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific United Kingdom Making Tax Digital (MTD) supported for VAT return submission (UK legislation) From April 1, 2019 onwards, the Making Tax Digital (MTD) initiative has been made mandatory. With this, all VAT-registered businesses with a taxable turnover above the VAT threshold are now required to store their VAT records digitally and to submit their VAT returns via the new MTD API. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3139b85c-1a94-4bbf-ad47-0f6795a25978}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific United Kingdom VAT return reports with nil value supported for Making Tax Digital (MTD) functionality (UK legislation) In this product update, the VAT return reports with the nil value can be submitted via the Making Tax Digital (MTD) functionality in Exact Globe Next. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={5c71a017-e88d-47cc-8bbb-9f2e099eb2dc}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Italy Esterometro introduced for cross-border transactions (Italian legislation) As of January 2019, the B2B e-invoicing has been made mandatory for all Italian companies. To comply with the latest regulation changes, Esterometro has been introduced to replace Spesometro to support cross-border transactions between Italian and foreign companies. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={1778ed58-cbd4-48ef-aa91-96b122df4004}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Europe New setting introduced for SEPA credit transfer and direct debit (EU legislation) When SEPA credit transfer or direct debit is enabled for a cash instrument at the cash instrument maintenance, the Security Summary Method field will be available in the Settings tab. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={fd3c67a1-a300-4965-9d54-748a1d8681f7}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Belgium and Netherlands Enhancements to XML tags for UBL2.1 (Belgian and Dutch legislations) Enhancements to the XML tags for the e-invoicing based on the UBL version format (UBL2.1) have been introduced. These enhancements are applicable only to debtors whose country codes of the invoice addresses are defined as BE or NL. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f9f94f6a-d637-4fe0-85d6-946424550e18}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Belgium Enhancements to Intrastat declaration form for dispatch for 2019 (Belgian legislation) Enhancements have been introduced to the online Intrastat declaration form for dispatch for 2019, applicable only to the Belgian legislation. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3131c1a3-99a9-458c-b447-dbd2a81cb0f9}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Belgium New 2019 Internal Financial Statement (Belgian legislation)
All financial statement reports produced for years ending 2018 and above will be required to be in a new template, as required by NBB.
Country Specific Belgium Updated support for BIS-UBL 3.0 (Belgian legislation)
In line with the Belgian legislation, Exact Globe Next has enhanced support for import and export of electronic invoices that use the BIS version 3.0 formatting.
Country Specific Luxembourg VAT return form and XML for year 2019 (Luxembourg legislation) The VAT boxes for the VAT return form and XML file have been revised for the monthly and quarterly VAT returns. To cater to the new enhancement, new VAT boxes have been added, and existing VAT boxes have been removed or modified. ocView.aspx?DocumentID={c9420322-a403-4626-a05e-a3bac640655d}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific United Kingdom Deletion of final VAT returns introduced (UK legislation) The VAT returns that have been finalized, but not yet submitted, can now be deleted. This enhancement is not applicable for the final VAT returns that have the linked final EU sales list. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={a22e24f3-2488-4fa2-bb49-e4f0d6c2df2a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Spain Deletion of final VAT returns introduced (Spanish legislation) The VAT returns that have been finalized, but not yet submitted, can now be deleted. This enhancement is not applicable for the final VAT returns that have the linked final EU sales list. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3c5597c4-8a92-45c3-bb1b-b896eb60a0dc}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Filtering option enhanced for Analytical accounting (Polish legislation) You can now display the transactions by the tax date, and group them by the Our Ref / Tax date option. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={6e077e7e-eef3-4bf8-8a0d-f8c85cdb2372}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Tax date column available in VAT register report (Polish legislation) The tax date will now be reflected in the newly added Data VAT column in the VAT register report. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3627d1c2-cbe7-4c53-a785-7f01e1cd51a3}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Logging of tax date changes for Analytical accounting available (Polish legislation) You will now be able to view the logs of the tax date changes in Analytical accounting. A log will be created whenever a tax date has been modified via the Finance ? General ledger ? Analytical accounting menu path. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={1cfc6ff7-55c7-40b0-b919-7ef9b00776f8}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Italy FatturaPA XML format enhanced to support additional item and invoice information (Italian legislation) To support the additional information of items and invoices which will be reflected in the FatturaPA XML format, enhancements have been made in Exact Globe Next. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={9ca92403-6776-4033-a756-5cbb18a76669}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands VAT number for self-employed entities available (Dutch legislation) The companies in the Netherlands have two types of the VAT-related numbers. The VAT identification number, which is also the OB number with the "NL" prefix, is specifically used for communication between their business partners, and the VAT number, which is the number without the "NL" prefix, is used only for communication with the tax office. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={7bbed383-050d-4e5f-8cc0-27bf43c5eb35}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Malaysia SST-02 form available for tax return submission (Malaysian legislation) To comply with the latest tax requirements and to support the new tax system, Sales and Service Tax (SST), the SST-02 form for the submission of tax returns is now available in Exact Globe Next. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={46666339-15d3-461b-b536-156e48d09509}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Belgium Intrastat, Belcotax, VAT return, VAT listing, and EU sales list enhanced (Belgian legislation) Enhancements have been made in Exact Globe Next for the Belgian legislation: DocView.aspx?DocumentID={da3ac045-5174-4e60-ac11-d1a89090991c}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific United Kingdom Error messages related to HMRC IRmark disabled in Exact Globe Next (UK legislation) To ease the VAT return submission via the Making Tax Digital (MTD) functionality in Exact Globe Next, the error messages related to the IRmark software application will no longer be displayed. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={e0afc5c8-4121-4006-9f88-6236a685aad1}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany Country code and VAT number will be displayed in EU sales list reports based on VAT number of country or delivery address (German legislation) When generating the EU sales list reports, the VAT number of the transactions that will be included in the reports will be retrieved based on the country or delivery address of the invoice debtors. The retrieval will be done by the system by validating the country code of the invoice debtors and performing a check on the country code that has been defined in the company data settings. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={1adffe05-bfa4-4bed-a20a-971fb46cce4f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Netherlands and Belgium Exact Shared Cloud Services account can be updated via Company data settings (Dutch and Belgian legislations) You can now update the Exact Shared Cloud Services (ESCS) account via the Company data settings. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b9d03607-4ca3-4e9c-b8c1-5dec97874b63}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Thailand Enabled Service attribute for the Thai legislation
The Service attribute is continued to be made available for the Thai legislation.
Country Specific Thailand Improved options for Process Tax Invoice function (Thai legislation) The Process Tax Invoice function for the Thai legislation has been improved. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7f40de05-b937-4886-8ca0-c6080b23234b%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Italy Withholding tax functionality improved (Italian legislation) The withholding tax functionality in Exact Globe Next has been improved whereby the related reports have been updated to the latest version based on the current legislation requirements. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={54c4c511-34b6-4b05-848e-65eb30d46f57}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Czech Republic VAT return form 2019 version 21 available (Czech legislation) Effective April 1, 2019, the Act No. 235/2004 Coll for the value added tax has been amended via Act No. 80/2019 Coll, which required a new version for the VAT return form. With this change, the version 21 for the VAT return form has been made available in Exact Globe Next. The latest version of the VAT return form will be applicable for the tax reports from April 2019, or the second quarter of 2019. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={703d48bd-ca37-4e2a-a491-2d14cb75e110}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Czech Republic VAT control statement (VCS) improved in Exact Globe Next (Czech legislation) Based on the latest amendment to the VAT Act 2019, the VAT control statement (VCS) has been improved to support the extended scope of corrections of bad debts. The enhancement is applicable to the new provision of § 46 et seq. or § 74a of the VAT Act, which serves as the correction of the tax and tax base for bad debts, and the original provision of § 44 of the VAT Act, which serves as the correction of tax on receivables from debtors in the insolvency proceedings. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={9b741965-4f11-445b-869b-a1974ce45d8a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Poland Statistical codes can be updated before INTRASTAT return report submission (Polish legislation) You can now update the statistical codes for the INTRASTAT return reports before the submission process. The enhancement is introduced to avoid the return reports from being rejected, as the provision of the statistical codes is required to ensure successful report submission. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={3e9c8d8d-4680-4ad6-9c4e-a5d2372cc694}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany Fiscal taxonomy version 6.2 now supported (German legislation) A new taxonomy version 6.2 (2018.04.01) has been introduced and can be imported into Exact Globe Next. The latest taxonomy version will use the financial reporting of year 2019. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={6bf40332-a942-4953-b07f-ce8f1da393ca}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Country Specific Germany VAT return form for year 2020 available (German legislation) The VAT return form has been updated to support the tax submission in year 2020, and the changes in its layout will be applicable to all types of VAT returns, namely Elster, trial and final VAT returns, and zero VAT returns and corrections. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={9f055ec8-50bc-4e6d-8023-a3d8959d7e1a}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418190321   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b009f2084-8ec2-4cac-a697-6c801f62a083%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418190326   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7fc04954-2943-4081-9c9e-9977f6b5cac9%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418190228   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b5c147a78-61d4-449e-87bc-c6ec8ef8d37f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418190212   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bb7f93f4b-818a-42d7-9e78-b0e8a6a16d2c%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181204   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b3e29dfd7-e8c4-4bf3-b56c-a5ca2720e04f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181127   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b9fa8a63e-f0c1-45f0-ad40-35c8b1a749be%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181220   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7baa3f7df3-545c-42cb-be75-d0e899ad0df5%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181122   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b10d47354-2683-494a-998c-20445f38bc6f%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181023   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bb47e284c-1e37-4d90-9249-863d9bbc29e3%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181113   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b24c2f137-2c7f-48d5-9324-63d5daaf5049%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418181105   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b00d15d7f-ab4b-4110-93aa-e677731d1c4c%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 418190718   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bcdf3fe12-1857-4a4a-a3a0-a4d7eace08cc%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Database Changes   Data Model: 417190718   DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b8867bcdc-3739-4254-bc95-fb86d91fe89d%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Elis General IIR in Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) supports FID and Azure SQL Incoming Invoice Register (IIR) in Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) will support Federated Identity (FID) and Azure SQL. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={31d67e26-2b43-47dc-b954-1d74c6c26172}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Finance General VAT number with Modulus 97 value with Elf Proof value supported Due to the introduction of the GDPR regulations, and to protect the personal information of the self-employed entities, the Dutch tax office has replaced the VAT identification number with a new number that cannot be derived from the OB number. Previously, the social security number of the self-employed entities was used as the VAT number. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={a4d78f64-01fe-4341-a693-bd383abd5526}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Finance General Bank account icon will be permanently enabled The icon at Bank account in the accounts payable and accounts receivable maintenance screens will always be enabled. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b2e924307-8a90-406a-b057-159f601e7762%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Finance General Chamber of commerce information available with E-Account license The Chamber of commerce field will be made available under the General section, in the Financial tab of the debtor and creditor maintenance screens DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ed2d2dd2-71fa-4443-9c80-39246b805f9f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Finance Incoming invoice register Register code no longer required for non-IIR purchase entries The register code will no longer be required to be defined when importing non-IIR entries via the Purchase menu path. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={d2a773bd-522e-4316-99b3-edf3f86ff021}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Logistics Invoice New level indicator field to summarize display of data Maximum number of trace levels can be specified when generating a serial or batch trace report to reduce time taken when generating reports. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={26a8ef7d-8645-470c-95bf-855680517900}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Logistics Invoice New settings for E-Invoice to utilize stylesheets
Electronic invoices in Exact Globe Next can now use XSL stylesheets.
Integration Exact Purchase to Pay New master data filter options for integration with Exact Purchase to Pay
Exact Globe Next now allows filtering of master data from Exact Globe Next to Exact Purchase to Pay
System General Exact Globe Next supports Microsoft Windows Server 2019 Exact Globe Next will support Microsoft Windows Server 2019. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={b941b2f2-e8f9-4889-9e34-e3e004368eb8}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Message for successful installation in product updater changed The message in the product updater has been changed for an installation that is completed successfully. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f301820d-9081-4812-afff-afde69137c8f}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Microsoft SQL 2017, SQL 2016, SQL 2014, and SQL 2012 supported by Exact Synergy Microsoft SQL 2017, SQL 2016, SQL 2014, and SQL 2012 will be supported by Exact Synergy. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={01d7c730-620d-4818-b584-47e5e79d3440}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Exact Shared Cloud Services section added in Company data settings The Exact Shared Cloud Services section has been added in the Company data settings screen. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={c8b1313a-5b07-455e-a7fd-1d7f7e687359}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General Add-on for SE5121 – Measurement calculations automatically installed The targets for the add-on measurement calculations will be automatically installed. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7b7ff2f478-2c48-4eee-810d-7c745e117acf%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
System General SQL login supported Instead of using the Windows authentication, SQL login will also be supported. DocView.aspx?DocumentID=%7bf5651db5-15d0-4625-b68b-530a4680a0d2%7d&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
WMS General Service orders check box added to WMS fulfilment settings In this product update, the Service orders check box has been added to the WMS fulfilment settings. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={6aa46d0f-d1a8-42e6-ad9c-330f2393ffd6}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
WMS General Improvements in simultaneous processing of WMS transactions In this product update there are improvements in how WMS handles the simultaneous processing of WMS transactions. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={e831e814-d5ee-4575-8790-13b36274af95}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
WMS General Receipt and fulfilment per delivery note from Intercompany logistics (ICL) warehouse available The settings for the receipt per delivery note (accessible via System ? General ? Settings ? ICL purchase) and for the fulfilment per delivery note (accessible via System ? General ? Settings ? ICL sales) have been introduced. DocView.aspx?DocumentID={f1dfbb23-75a1-40ca-97c6-dbfb2829c657}&NoHeader=1&NoSubject=1
Related documents   System requirements Exact Globe Next The system requirements of different Exact Globe Next product updates DocView.aspx?DocumentID={304371cf-a7dc-46ef-a74c-54e3e46e9bf0}&amp;noheader=1&amp;nosubject=1
Related documents   Overview release notes Exact Globe Next per product update The release notes of previous Exact Globe Next product updates
Related documents   Updating Exact Globe Next More information about updating DocView.aspx?DocumentID={ffe404ec-cf79-42b3-8149-6976b5958a69}&amp;noheader=1&amp;nosubject=1
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