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Product Updates 421 and 420: CSV format supported for Intrastat (Portuguese legislation)

Exact Globe Next supports Intrastat for Portugal. In this product update, we have added the CSV option to the Intrastat Return field (at Invoice ➔ Statistics ➔ Intrastat). By default, CSV will be displayed.

The return CSV will be generated if you select Trial or Final at Details, and Sales, Purchase, or Both at Type. One CSV file will be generated with the default file name format “PTYYMMDD.CSV” if the type is Sales or Purchase. However, if the type is Both, two CSV files with the default file name format “Type + PTYYMMDD.CSV” will be generated whereby sales will be “EX” and purchase will be “IM”. For example, “EXPT210701.CSV” (for sales) and “IMPT210701.CSV” (for purchase).


The CSV header and values will be separated with “;” whereby the dataset will contain 17 columns for the header and values.


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