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Error message 'Purchase order (x) not received' followed by 'unknown' error in ICL export delivery notes



When performing 'export delivery notes' in ICL (either manual or by the ICL service) the following error is visible:
    Company (xxx): Error: Sales order (xxxxxxxx): Purchase order (xxxxxxx): Not received
    Company (xxx): Error: Sales order (xxxxxxxx): Unknown error


Possible causes

  • The item is not linked to the ICL 'central company' supplier, in the sales company.
    > Start item maintenance in the ICL sales company for the involved item(s) and check tab Purchase/Sales. The supplier representing the 'ICL central company' must be linked to the item as main supplier, with the purchase price and VAT code to use in a purchase order. After this supplier has been linked, you can start 'export delivery notes' again, or the ICL service can perform the export on the next run.

  • The item is a serial number item and the serial number used in the central company (and exported to the sales company) was already present (on stock) in the sales company. Then the purchase receipt will fail.
    > This solution depends on the reason of the serial number existing in the sales database. Either set that stock to zero, or use another serial number.


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