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Viewing recent documents

Menu paths

  • Customers à Reports à Accounts à Search
  • Customers à Reports à Contacts à Search
  • HRM à Reports à People à Search
  • Projects à Reports à Search à Projects


In general, there are two different types of accounts, namely company account and person account. The word “account” is used to describe both the company account and the person account in generic term.

The usage of the specific terms, such as “person account” and “company account” are used to refer to each account, namely, the person account and company account respectively.

On this page, you can view the list of documents linked to an account, contact, person or project. You can view the most recent documents in the system that were either created or modified by the person who is currently logged, or the recent documents created or modified by other people.

Roles & rights

All users can view the list of recently created or modified documents. However, the list will show only documents that are accessible by the person who is currently logged in, depending on the security level of the document.


  • For more details on function rights, go to System à Setup à Security à Function rights.
  • For more details on roles, go to System à Setup à Security à Roles.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is based on product update 250.

How do I view documents related to an account, contact, person, or project?

  1. On the respective search page, define the search criteria, and then click Show.
  2. Select the required account, contact, or person, and then click Documents under the Monitor section. For projects, click Documents in the Execution column under the Project monitor section.

    Note: To access the documents of the required person contact linked to a person account, select the required contact in the Type column under the Links section, and then click Documents under the Monitor section.

  3. Define the required fields, and then click Refresh.
  4. Click Close to exit.



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