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E-WMS - Filter order lines

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This document describes the WMS functionality Filter order lines, as per release 413.


'Filter order lines' is intended to split picking of order lines to different hand terminals based on location or storage properties, or on item properties.
For example, some items or locations may require special equipment to reach the locations, or when picking frozen goods you will need a frost resistant hand terminal.

This filtering is available for following WMS modules, by definition only for the 'guided' processes:

  • Sales Order Fulfillment
  • Receipts registration
  • Inventory (Counts)
  • Production Issues
  • Replenishment (from product update 402)

From release 413, additional selection options have been added to the filter screen in the control centers, as well as support for 'zones' when using Autoqueue to send orders picking automatically.


  • E-WMS I (SE1380)
    • or old license Pick-IT Basic (SE5700)
  • Communication method 'ASP' when filtering is to be based on the actual advised location instead of the item's main location.

Filtering on zones or locations is only applied to the actual advised location when communication type 'Scanner - ASP' is configured as default communication type for the specific module.  When using any other communication type, the selection made in the filter screen is applied to the main location of the item (or, for Production Issues, on the material item location in the production order). This means when you are enabled 'Picking advice' (to calculate the picking locations) and you want to use logical filtering, you also have to use WMS ASP.



'Filter order lines' can be enabled or disabled in the general settings screen for the specific WMS processes, for example in System, General, Settings, WMS Sales Order Fulfillment, section Send to scanner for the order picking process.

Changing this setting will take effect after restarting a Control Center.



When this setting is enabled, you will see an extra selection screen when sending transactions (advice lines) to status 'picking', so when pressing the button 'Send to scanner' in a Control Center.

Zones are groups of location which can be maintained in menu System, E-WMS, Zones, Zones; locations per zone can be maintained in System, E-WMS, Zones, Zone/Location.
You could for example create separate zones for your cold-storage warehouse locations, or for higher locations requiring specific equipment to reach. In order to use the zones in filter order lines the "zone location" needs to be the default location.

With this selection you can filter the order lines a specific location or location range.

Item code
With this selection you can send specific items 'picking'. This selection is not available in Guided Counts, because you can already select one or more items (using CTRL- or SHIFT/click selections) in the control center.

Item group
You can filter lines by selecting on the item's item group, as configured in the 'financial' tab in item maintenance.

Picking classification
You can filter lines by selecting on the item's picking classification (available from product update 406)

Bulk / pick / none location
You can filter a specific type of location to be sent picking (not available in control center Replenishment)

Scan unit: Outer/Inner/Sales
You can filter on advised scan unit:

  • Outer: pick a full outer SKU ('pallet')
  • Inner: pick a full inner SKU ('box')
  • Sales units: pick loose sales units, or pick units from a SKU (pallet or box)

The 'scan unit' selection options is only visible when WMS SKU Management is enabled, and logically, when using communication type ASP and when 'picking advice' is enabled.
When SKU Management is enabled, a picking advice generated by Route Optimizing will also determine the 'scan unit', which is either 'outer' (pallet), 'inner' (box) or 'sales' (the standard sales unit).
By selecting on specific stock units you can send picking lines for 'pallets' to a 'fork-lift truck', and 'sales units' to be hand picked by another hand terminal.
This SKU unit is matched with the unit defined in menu WMS, Setup, SKU, SKU per item.

When none of these 'scan unit' options are selected, then all unit types are sent.

Applying filter

After making this selection and pressing Start, the selected lines will be used in the 'send to' step.

If the setting 'Assign specific scanner' is set to 'Yes' or 'Ask user', you are able to send this specific selection to a specific hand terminal or group of hand terminals.
Any lines that were not included in the selection, will still remain in status 'New' or 'Advice', and the same procedure can be repeated for these remaining lines.


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