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Exact Financials   

Technical manuals Exact Financials 7.27/7.28/7.29/7.30/7.31/7.32/7.33/7.34/7.35 - Classic installation of Exact Financials for Progress OpenEdge database

The installation of Exact Financials:

Follow these steps to install and configure the software:

1. Start the installer "ExactFinancials-7.27.*.exe" (or 7.28.* or 7.29.* or 7.30.* or 7.31.* or 7.32.* or 7.33.* or 7.34.* or 7.35.*) as administrator and select a language (for the installer).

2. In the following screen the Software License Agreement is shown. Please read this agreement carefully. If you accept all terms of the Software License Agreement, click mark te checkbox next to "I accept the agreement". To install Exact Financials, you must accept this agreement. Continue by clicking on "Next".

3. Now you can enter the name for a new installation or select a previous installation you want to overwrite:

4. Now you have to select your Progress OpenEdge version and the components you want to install.

- At "Progress Version" select the version of Progress OpenEdge you have installed on your server. This should be 11.7.6

- At "User Interface" select all options.

- At "Application server" select "Classic".

- At "Procedure libraries" select "OpenEdge".

- At "Database" minimally select "OpenEdge" Additionally you could select "JSON files" if you want to create standard demo companies upon opening an empty database. If you select "Synergy" a schemeholder will be created to enable connection to a Exact Synergy Enterprise MS SQL database.

5. If you selected "JSON files" in the previous step, you will now be able to enter passwords for the users "Exact", "Super" and "Appserver".

6. Enter the server name of the server running Progress OpenEdge. Additional supply the name and port of the NameServer.

7. Enter the server name of the Webserver (IIS / Apache). Additionally supply a virtual directory name and a communications protocol.

8. Now fill in the name of your OpenEdge AppServer, the Appservers port and a username with password for the Appserver user.

9. Enter the name for your OpenEdge WebSpeed, the WebSpeeds port and a username with password for the Webspeed user.

10. Enter the details for your Web Service Adapter.

11. Select the installation folder where Progress OpenEdge is installed

    12. Enter the connection parameters for your Progress OpenEdge ExactCS database

      13. Enter the connection parameters for your Progress OpenEdge Edis database

      14. Choose the components you want to have the installer create at additional tasks.

      14. Finally check all the selected options and click 'Install' to start the installation.

      15. At the end of the installation a window will open wherein you can configure your Progress WebClient deployment package. Tailor the parameters to your environment an click on "Generate" to create you Progress WebClient deployment package.

      16. Click on finish to complete the installation.


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