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Exact Synergy   

Configuration Internet Information Services Authenticated Portals.



During the installation of e-Synergy a virtual directory 'Synergy' is created in the Internet Information Services by default. In some case web site or multiple virtual directories can be created in order to set up an anonymous or authenicated portals . The next list of steps should be followed in order to configure the Internet Information Services to create an employee, reseller, supplier or customer portal.





  • Start the Internet Service Manager in Adminstrative Tools in Control Panel. 
  • Create a Web site or aVirtual Directory when none is defined.
  • Configure the properties of the Web Site or virtual directory in order to set up an portal.


Tab page 'Web Site'


  • Select tab page Web Site .
  • Change the fields as mentioned in the list below and/or add information as shown in the picture.
  • Desciption: rename the website to give it a different recognizable name.
  • IP Address: IP address registered in internal or external DNS.
  • TCP Port: 80 (default)
  • SSL Port: 443. Used when working with certificates. Once a certificated is installed on the website the field will automatically show port number 443.
  • Connections: Mark Unlimited. Unlimited user are allowed to access the web site.
  • Mark HTTP Keep Alives Enabled if the box is not marked.
  • Mark the Enable Logging if the box is not marked.
  • Set the Active Log Format on "W3C Extended Log File Format".
  • The tab page Web Site should look like:



  • Click on Properties.
  • Mark Daily in New Log Time Period.
  • Type E:\Logfiles in Log file directory or choose a different location to store the logfiles.
  • Ignore the tabpage Extended Properties.
  • The tabpage General Properties should look like



Tab page 'Home Directory'


  • Select tab page Home Directory .
  • Add path (i.e.: D:\ Synergy) where e-Synergy is located.
  • Check the settings as shown in the picture.
  • Set Application Protection on low or medium.



Tab page 'Documents'


  • Select tab page Documents .
  • Remove all other documents presented in the list except for Default.asp.
  • The tab page Documents should look like:



Tab page 'Directory Security'


  • Select tab page Directory Security.
  • Click on Editto Enable anonymous access and edit authentication control.
  • Disable Anonymous access.
  • Enable Basic Authentication.
  • Enable Integrated Windows authentication.
  • A warning appears about authentication. Choose for Yes .





  • Click on Edit .
  • Leave the domain name empty or add the domain name.



  • Close the properties of the Web Site by clicking OK.

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