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Installation and update of a workstation with Exact Globe Next


This document describes how to do a workstation installation of Exact Globe Next. After you have done a server installation you can perform the workstation installation on the individual workstations. A prerequisite for this is that the directory "Exact Software\Central storage" on the server is accessible from the workstation.

You will also find in this document information on how to update and how to remove a workstation installation of Exact Globe Next.

Performing the workstation installation

To perform the workstation installation you need to open the directory "Exact Software\Central storage\Setup" on the server. In this directory you double click on the file 'WSSetup.exe' to start the workstation installation. An installation wizard will open. In this document the screens of this wizard are described.


In the welcome screen you will find information about the installation. Clicking the button 'Next' you proceed to the next screen.

Preferences - Central storage location

In this screen you need to refer to the Central Storage folder on the server. This directory has been filled with a default and you do not need to ajust it. he installation wizard will download the necessary installation files. When you enter an incorrect directory the button 'Next' will not be active. In tis case you need to check if you have access to this directory from this workstation. By using the button 'Next' you go to the next screen.

Preferences - Install configuration


Here you can enter if you want to install Exact Globe Next or Exact Globe on this workstation. It is possible to install Exact Globe Next on some workstations and install Exact Globe on different workstations. You also need to enter an installation folder. This is the directory on the workstation where the Exact Globe (next) software will be stored. By default this is directory "c:\Program Files\Exact Software\". When this folder is not existing it will be created automatically. The installation will make a subfolder 'Globe' in this directory where the files of the workstation installation will be stored. The choice 'Exact Globe' or 'Exact Globe Next' does not have any influence on the subsequent screens of the wizard. By clicking the vutton 'Next'you continue the installation.

Preferences - Requirements Check

A prerequisite check if you comply with the system requirements for Exact Globe is performed. In this screen you will see an indication if the requirements are met. When this is not the case you will see in this screen which requirement is not met and you will need to adjust this before you can continue with the installation. The requirements that are met can be identified by the green checkmark. When all requirements are met there will be a message 'Your system configuration meets the requirements' in the bottom of the screen. By using the button 'Next' you can proceed.

Install - Install Packages

After you have clicked 'Next' the software will be installed. In the different screens you see the progress of the installation. When the installation is finished this will be indicated in the screen and you can press the button 'Next' to proceed.

Finish - Summary

 In this screen a summary of the installed components is shown. For a workstation installation this will only be the component 'Exact Globe'. By clicking the button 'Finish' you exit the wizard. On the desktop you will see, dependent on whether you have selected 'Exact Globe' or 'Exact Globe Next', a shortcut with the name 'Exact Globe' or 'Exact Globe Next' with which you can start the software.

After the workstation installation you will have the following shortcuts:

  • 'Exact Globe Next': Use this to start Exact Globe Next.

You will also have the following componets in the Windows Start menu:

  • [All programs, Exact Globe Next]: Start Exact Globe Next.

When you have multiple workstations where you want to install Exact Globe (Next) you need to perform the steps in this document for each workstation. 


Performing an update of the workstation installation

After you have performed an update for Exact Globe Next the workstation installations will be automatically updated when you start Exact Globe Next on the workstation.

At startup of the workstation installation the following message will be shown:


When you select 'Update' the following screen will be shown:

Start - Welcome

Click 'Next' to proceed.


Select 'Update'click 'Next'.

Preferences - Confirmation

Click 'Download' to download the updated files to your workstation.

Install - Exact Globe Next update

The update will be downloaded and installed. In the screen you can see the progress. 

Finish - Summary

When the update is completed you will see thois message in the screen. By using the button 'Finish' you exit the Wizard.


Removing the workstation installation

When you want to remove a workstation installation you can do this via 'Programs and Features' in the control panel of Windows or you can start (from the workstation) the file 'WSSetup.exe' in 'the directory "Exact Software\Central storage\Setup" of the server.

When you double click on the file 'WSSetup.exe' you can remove the workstation installation by using the wizard. Removing the workstation installation does not have any impact on the installation of the server or the existing companies, you will only remove the Exact Globe Next software from the workstation.

Start - Welcome

In the welcome screen you click 'Next' to proceed. 

Start - Actions

To indicate you want to remove the workstation select 'Remove' and click the button 'Next'.

Preferences - Confirmation

In this screen a summary of the components you want to remove is shown. When removing the workstation installation this will only be the Exact Globe component. The cross in front of it indicates that this component will be removed. Click the button 'Remove' to confirm the removal. 

Remove - Exact Globe Next de-installeren


After you have clicked on 'Remove' the software is de-installed. In the various screens that are shown you can track the progress of the different components. When the de-installation is finished this is indicated on the screen and you can proceed by clicking the button 'Next'. 

Finish - Summary


As soon as the removal is finished you will see a summary of the removed components. Click 'Finish' to close the wizard.

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