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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: SEPA PAIN format supported for Great Britain

Some changes have been made in Exact Globe Next to ensure that the information for the branch code and account number for the creditors is reflected correctly in the XML file.

This enhancement is applicable to all SEPA-supported legislations and for creditors who are in Great Britain.

The enhancements are as follows:

Cash instrument maintenance screen

The SEPA credit transfer will now use the new file name, GBSCT.xsl, and it will be selected by default at the SCT Filename field, under the SEPA credit transfer section in the Settings tab.

XML file generation

As a majority of creditors in Great Britain do not have the IBAN information, the BBAN information will be reflected instead. The BBAN information that will be reflected in the XML file will consist of the branch code (sort code) and account number at the CdtrAgt and CdtrAcct tags, respectively. 

The same logic applies to banks in other SEPA countries when the payment is for creditors in Great Britain. Note that the currency of the transaction is not in EURO and the IBAN information is not provided.

In addition, the unstructured address will be used in the XML file if the file name GBSCT.xsl or NLSCT.xsl is selected in the cash instruments maintenance screen. 

The enhancements are also applicable to the following file names:

  • NLSCT.xsl
  • DESCT.xsl
  • BESCT.xsl
  • ATSCT.xsl
  • CHSCT.xsl

Note that the CHSCT.xsl file name is only applicable for non-EURO foreign payments.

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