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The Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard


After you’ve installed Exact Globe Next and would like to perform an update, install additional features or remove them, you need to start the Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard. U can start this wizard via the shortcut 'Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard' on the desktop or via [All programs, Exact Software, Exact Globe Next Setup, Setup Wizard] in the Windows start menu.

In case you’ve only installed the Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard, but didn’t run the setup for Exact Globe Next yet, you’ll see the Exact Globe Next installation screen upon starting the wizard.

In case there’s an update available of the Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard, then you’ll be notified after which firstly this new update of the Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard  will be downloaded and installed, before you can run an update of the various features of Exact Globe Next.


Start - Welcome

In the welcome screen information about the wizard is shown. At the left top of the screen you can select the language of the wizard. Click on ‘Next’ to continue to the next step of the wizard.

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Start - Actions
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In this screen you can select the actions that need to be performed:

  • Update: Check for updates of Exact Globe Next to be installed
  • Change: Change the features of Exact Globe Next that have been installed
  • Remove: Remove the installation of Exact Globe Next

Perform an update

If you would like to perform an update , please select the option 'Update' and click 'Next' to continue. For an explanation about the update process, please see document 'Performing an update of Exact Globe Next'.

Changing the installation

If you would like to change the features that have been installed, please select the option 'Change' and click 'Next' to continue.

Preferences - Central storage folder
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In the preferences screen you’ll need to specify the folder for the central storage of Exact Globe Next. The installation wizard will use this folder to store the installation files after they’re downloaded. By default, the folder "C:\Exact Software\Central Storage" is used. In case you would like to install Exact Globe Next on multiple workstations, please ensure that the folder you specify is accessible from each of the workstations. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

Preferences - User functions
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In the above screen you can select the features that you would like to add or remove from your installation. By default, all features will be pre-selected. Those features which you don’t want to use, can be removed by unchecking the and the non-installed features can be installed by marking the checkbox. Click ‘Next’ to continue.

In case you’ve selected to add features, you may need to supply additional details for those newly selected features. Please refer to the installation document for more information on these screens.

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Preference - Confirmation
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Dependent on what additional features you’ve selected to install, or what features should be removed, the screen above will show checkmarks (install) or cross (remove).Click on 'Download' to complete the installation or remove process.

Once the modifications for the installation have been completed, a notification will be shown on the screen and you can close the wizard.

Removing the Exact Globe Next installation

In case you would like to remove the Exact Globe Next installation, please select the option ‘Remove’ and click ‘Next’ to continue.

Preferences - Confirmation
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In the above screen, all installed features will be shown that are about to be removed. Click on Çontinue’ to start the process of removing Exact Globe Next.

Remove - Exact Globe Next

During the removal process, a statusbar will show the progress. In the various screens you’ll see the progress of removing the individual features of Exact Globe Next. Once the removal has been completed, a notification is shown and you can continue via ‘Next’.

A summary is shown of the features that were removed and you may close the wizard. The removal of Exact Globe next features will only remove the application(s). The Exact Globe and Exact Synergy Enterprise databases will remain on the SQL server.

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