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Product Updates 422, 421, and 420: Route ID (Leitweg ID) supported for XRechnung (German legislation)

The route ID, also known as Leitweg ID, is now supported for XRechnung (E-invoice). This is applicable to both debtors and creditors, whereby you can now define the route ID at the new Leitweg ID field under the VAT section in the debtor and creditor maintenance screens.

The route ID, which is a structured identification number, is required for XRechnung to ensure correct forwarding of the incoming invoices to the public authority that is responsible for tender issuance.

Route ID structure

The structure of the route ID consists of rough addressing, fine addressing, and check digits.

The rough addressing contains an identifier for the federal state (2 digits), the administrative district (1 digit), the district (2 digits), and the municipality (3 digits).

The detailed addressing is a 5-digit identifier for the respective authority or public sector institution. The route ID ends with a 2-digit check digit.

The following is an example of a route ID:


For the summary of the route ID, refer to the PDF file here.

XML file

In the XML file, the <BuyerReference> tag is mapped to the Leitweg ID field. The route ID will be reflected at the tag during the invoice processing, but if the route ID has not been defined, the Your ref. information will be reflected instead.


For more information, see Product Updates 421 and 420: XRechnung version 2.0.0 available for 2021 (German legislation).

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