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Performing an update for Exact Globe Next


Starting an update of Exact Globe Next is done via the Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard. Via this wizard an update can be performed and additional features can be installed or removed.

The wizard can be started via the shortcut 'Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard' on your desktop or via [All programs, Exact Software, Exact Globe Next Setup, Setup Wizard] in the Windows start menu. In the welcome screen of the wizard , click 'Next' and select option 'Update', click again on 'Next' to start the update.

In case you’ve indicated that Exact Globe Next needs to be installed on multiple servers and hence, these features have been installed on multiple servers, you’ll need to execute the update on each individual server as well.


After you’ve indicated in the Exact Globe Next Setup Wizard that the update should be started, the following screen is shown.

Start - Authenticate
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In the next screen you’ll need to enter your login credentials for logging into Exact’s customer portal. These login credentials are used to download the necessary files to install Exact Globe Next. The domain for Exact’s customer portal is eweb. Click ‘Next’ to continue. In case you’ve supplied invalid login credentials you’ll be notified about this after youve clicked on ‘Next’. Check whether you’ve typed in your correct password and try again. In case you’ve forgotten the password for Exact’s customer portal, you can request for a new password via this link.

Start - Version

In the screen below, please select the version you would like to install. Based on the selected version, the correct update for the various features (like Exact Globe, Exact Synergy Enterprise, Exact Event Manager) will be downloaded and installed.

In case your installation is up-to-date, a message will be shown to inform you that there’s no updates available. In case updates are available the next screens will be shown (the exact content of the screens depends on the features you’ve selected to install)

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In case there’s an update available for a feature within Exact Globe Next, the screen below is shown. This screen will not be shown in case there’s no updates for any of the features within Exact Globe Next.


Preferences - Confirmation

In case there’s 1 or more updates available for the Exact Globe Next features you’ve installed, a message will be shown listing the features that have an update available. Click on the button ‘Download’ to start the download of the update(s)

Install - Exact Globe Next update

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During the update an indication is given about the progress. The update wizard will download and subsequently install the updates of the various features of Exact Globe Next.

Ready - Summary

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At the end of the update a summary is shown with the features that were installed successfully. You can start the configuration right away by marking the option 'Start the configurator' and clicking on 'Finish'. In case you uncheck that option and click ‘Finish, the setup screen will be closed. You can start the configuration screen at any time later on by clicking the shortcut 'Exact Globe Next Configurator' on your desktop.

After you’ve completed the update of Exact Globe Next on the server(s) , the software on the workstations will need to be updated as well to the latest version..

Update Administrations/Databases
After you’ve updated your Exact Globe Next installation set, the administrations/databases may need to be updated as well to the latest version. This is performed automatically when you open the administration for the first time after you’ve updated. The following message is shown:

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This message shows that the software was updated but that the administration you’re about to open will need to be updated as well. Click on 'OK’ to start the update of the administration/database. This will need to be completed before you can open the administration

Once the update has been completed, the administration is opened. In case you’re working with multiple administrations, you’ll need to open each administration to get it updated as well.

For Exact Synergy Enterprise a similar message will be shown. In the screen click on ‘Update’to update the Exact Synergy Enterprise database to the latest version.

Update Wokstations
After you’ve updated Exact Globe Next on the servers, you’ll need to update the software on the workstations to the latest version.

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