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The Software Development Kit (SDK) of Exact Synergy Enterprise makes it possible to develop solutions on top of Exact Synergy Enterprise. The possibilities SDK offers here are:

1.    Extending existing functionality of Exact Synergy Enterprise. Examples are:

a.    Presenting extra information on a maintenance page or search page.

b.    Presenting extra information in the toolbar, modules section or add extra fields in the left ‘my work, create & search’ and show this also by the preferences.

c.    Presenting extra information on the homepage with new web parts.

2.    Extending the functionality of Exact Synergy Enterprise with new modules, new maintenance pages, search pages, list pages, etc.

3.    Extend the database model of Exact Synergy Enterprise to store extra information.

4.    Extend or develop, logic to ensure the (extra) information is stored according to the requirements.

5.    Exchanging data with third party products to keep in sync or to prevent entering data twice.


The ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role will activate the SDK in general and shall present the visual side of the solution to users who are assigned to this role.


Users, who have the ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role assigned, are able to:


Users who have the ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role will see the add-on solutions in Exact Synergy Enterprise. From the bullet list mentioned above the role activates point 1a, 1b and 2.

: Although the role ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ will activate the visibility it is possible that a user with this role still cannot see the solution due to logic in the solution.
: as soon as an user has the ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role the points 1c, 3, 4 and 5 are enabled and will be executed. The role will only activate the visibility of solutions that begin with the custom.solution.xml file.

The ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role can be assigned to:

The ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role can only be assigned to users that already have assigned one of the following roles:

·         Employee Self Service role

·         CRM role

·         Professional role


Assigning the ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role to an user will increase the number of used ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ roles. This number cannot exceed the number mentioned in the license. This also happens when assigning to a user with a professional role.

The ‘Enabling add-on solutions’ role requires the following software components to be installed:


1.    Exact Synergy Enterprise

2.    To add value, an add-on solution