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The shop floor control (SFC) solution is an integration between the manufacturing functionality in Exact Globe Next and the easy deployment via a web browser in Synergy Enterprise. This integration allows the operators on the shop floor  to retrieve up-to-date data on the work issued to the shop floor and their priorities from Exact Globe Next, and then manage the shop floor effectively via a new, simple interface in Exact Synergy Enterprise. The planners can also obtain real-time information on the work being performed on the shop floor, which provides them insights on the statuses and realizations of the production orders. With SFC, balancing the work required to be done and the capacity available to perform the work becomes easier.

Users who have the Shop Floor Control role assigned are able to use the SFC features, such as:

  1. View the Shop floor control page once logged in to Exact Synergy Enterprise.
  2. View the overview and details of operations.
  3. Register time entries for labor and/or machine hour items of operations.
  4. Register the quantity of materials used for the operations.
  5. Define the quantities completed for the operations.
  6. Perform the receiving of end-make items.

 The Shop Floor Control role can be assigned to any user in Exact Synergy Enterprise independent of another role. Note that when this role is added to a user that user will always get the SFC login page in the new user interface first when starting Exact Synergy Enterprise.

The Shop Floor Control solution requires the following software components to be installed:

  1. Exact Integration — See How-to: Installing Exact Integration.
  2. Exact Shop Floor Control — See How-to: Installing Exact Shop Floor Control.
  3. Exact Globe Next — See Installation Exact Globe Next.
  4. Exact Synergy Enterprise — See Exact Synergy Enterprise: Installation Manual.


For more information on other roles, see Exact Synergy Enterprise user license roles.