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Specifying Image Compression Settings

Specifying Image Compression Settings


The image compression function utilizes a background job to compress images based on the settings specified in this screen. The BDCompress.exe background job is used for this purpose. This function and background job work best when your database contains large images, either in dimension or file size, that need to be compressed to save file space and/or improve loading time. For more information, see BDCompress.exe Background Tool for Image Compression.

Note: The options available on this page are activated only if you have the BDCompress.exe background job.

Menu path

  • Go to Documents/Setup/Maintenance/Settings and click Add in the Compress: Pictures section.
  • Go to Marketing/Setup/Web site/Settings and click Add in the Compress: Pictures section.


Save + New

Click this to save the settings and create another scenario.


Click this to exit.



Settings section


Type a name for this set of configurations.


Type a description for this scenario.


Select the table on which this scenario is based.

Size: Minimum

Type the minimum size for the images to be compressed.

Width: Maximum

Type the maximum width for the images. If an image is larger than the width specified, it will be resized.

Page size

Type the page size to specify the number of images to be processed before a timestamp is inserted. The timestamp is used as a ‘bookmark’ which the background job can refer to and continue from where it left off the next time the background job is executed. The default page size is 100 images a page.

Reset: Timestamp

Select this check box to reset the timestamp every time the scenario is run. This effectively causes the background job to process images from the beginning again.

Split: tif

Select this check box to split a TIF image into separate images if a multipage TIF image is encountered.

Note: This is available only if BacoDiscussions is selected at Table.


Select this check box to activate the scenario.

Types: Pictures section

.bmp, .png, .jpg & .jpeg, .tif & .tiff

Select the check box(es) to the corresponding image type(s) to be processed for this scenario.

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