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How-to: Using Send To Queue tool in Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS)


Send To Queue is a tool that allows you to resubmit the unsynchronized data from Exact Globe Next to Exact Synergy Enterprise, and from Exact Synergy Enterprise to Exact Globe Next. Send To Queue uses the Exact Integration solution, which in turn uses the web services in Exact Synergy Enterprise and entity Windows services in Exact Globe Next to exchange the data between both the products.

Send To Queue is installed during the installation of Exact Lightweight Integration Server. The location of the tool is the same as the ELIS installation folder (for example, Exact Lightweight Integration Server\bin). You must run Send To Queue on the machine where ELIS is installed.

If ELIS is configured for the Windows authentication, the following screen will be displayed:


If ELIS is configured for the federated identity authentication, the ELIS Server field will be disabled, and it will be automatically defined based on your ELIS server name. The ELIS Username and ELIS Password fields will also be displayed.



Under the Service/Credentials section, you can choose the Exact Integration configuration that you want to use for the synchronization. If the ELIS Username and ELIS Password fields are displayed, type your federated identity credentials before clicking Get Activations. The Activation field is automatically retrieved from ELIS. The ESE Server and EG Server fields are displayed based on the ELIS settings.

Select the Sync all contact persons and addresses linked to the account check box to perform the synchronization of all contacts and addresses linked to the accounts. This feature allows you to repair the differences in accounts between Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next.


Once the settings are defined, the entities in the Entity section under the Based on Modified Date tab can be selected to synchronize the data based on the search criteria defined. Several entities can be synchronized at a time.

The Based on Text File tab allows you to trigger the retrieval of data, such as contacts and addresses linked to an account, based on a text file.

Once the synchronization is started, the message queue will receive the messages and Exact Integration will synchronize the records from the source to the target. In the ELIS Integration Status screen, the results can be verified to ensure the data has been synchronized correctly.


  • Depending on the search criteria defined and number of entities, it is better to synchronize the individual entities for a certain timeframe because a large amount of record will have an impact on the performance of the server. Run Send To Queue after working hours so that the daily job can be carried out without interference.
  • Back up the Exact Globe Next and Exact Synergy Enterprise databases before working with Send To Queue. Synchronization will overwrite the data and the data cannot be restored if the data has not been backed up.

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