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How-to: Migrating Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) to another server


In Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS), all the setup and configurations are performed in the ELIS database. ELIS can be migrated to different servers based on the following two approaches:

New ELIS server with a new ELIS database

  1. Deactivate the configurations in ELIS on the existing server.
  2. Remove the configurations in ELIS on the existing server.
  3. Delete the endpoints in ELIS on the existing server.
  4. Back up the ELIS database, and remove the database from the SQL server.
  5. Install ELIS on the other server using the new ELIS database.
  6. Set up the endpoints.
  7. Set up the solutions that you want to use.
  8. Use the ELIS Migration tool to fill in the keylookup data for the integrator.

New ELIS server with an existing (backup) ELIS database

  1. Back up the ELIS database from ELIS.
  2. Install ELIS on the new server, and restore the existing ELIS database from step 1.
  3. Note: At this point, the clients (Exact Synergy Enterprise and Exact Globe Next) would have already lost the connection to the ELIS server. All the synchronization will not work.

  4. Run the Repair Tool to restore the connection between the new ELIS and the clients. This will also help to restore the existing activations.
  5. Go to the ELIS endpoint screen, and click Connect to verify the connection between ELIS and the clients. “Connected” should be displayed.
  6. Use the ELIS Migration tool to fill in the keylookup again for the integrator.

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