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Product Updates 420, 419, and 418: Periodic VAT settlements quarterly (Italian legislation)

To comply with the latest tax requirements, the transactions for the monthly VAT returns will now be grouped and reported in separate blocks in the XML file, instead of in a single block.

This enhancement is applicable to the VAT returns submission with the Monthly frequency, and the Return period type.

To support this enhancement, the following changes have been made in Exact Globe Next and in the XML audit file:

Exact Globe Next

A new field Operazioni straordinarie has been added under the Extra section in the Extra VAT data screen (accessible via Finance VAT/Statistics Value added tax, and by clicking the Extra VAT data button under the Export file section).


You can indicate via the field if the submission consists of transactions of extraordinary operations by selecting Yes, and if otherwise, by selecting No. By default, None is selected at the field. Note that by selecting None, the <OperazioniStraordinarie> tag will not be displayed in the exported XML file.

XML file

The following tags have been improved and added to support the latest enhancement:




If the Monthly frequency is selected and the date range consists of the quarter month, for example, from January to March, the transactions will be grouped by month and reported under this tag in three separate blocks.


This tag has been added to display the value of the option that has been selected at the Operazioni straordinarie field in the Extra VAT data screen.

Note that the <UltimoMese> tag will be removed from the XML file.

The following sample displays how the tags will be displayed in the XML file when the Monthly frequency is selected and the date range consists of the quarter month (October to December):

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