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How-to: Generating quotations using Word Merge


Generating quotation processes are now simplified with this new functionality. From product update 250 onwards, you no longer need to select a template on the quotation card. The Open in MS Word button has been replaced with Generate Quotation.

The Word Merge engine also supports merging quotation items by adopting the concept of repeating lines. Hence, each quotation can include multiple items.

This document shows you how you can use the Word Merge solution to generate quotations. For more information on creating and uploading quotation templates into Exact Synergy Enterprise, see How-to: Creating Word Merge templates for quotations with repeating lines.


This document will include instructions on how to open and generate quotations and save them as documents in Exact Synergy Enterprise.

This document contains the following topics:

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In order to perform Word Merge, the following requirements must be met:

  • Exact Word Merge Integrator is installed on the server.
  • Exact Synergy Enterprise product update 250 must be installed.
  • The setting New Word Merge check box is selected (go to Documents à Setup à Maintenance à Settings, select the New Word Merge check box under the Word Merge section).
  • Quotation templates are defined in Exact Synergy Enterprise (for more information, see How-to: Creating Word Merge templates for quotations with repeating lines).

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Generating quotations

  1. Go to Customers à Reports à Quotations à Search.
  2. Select the quotation for which you want to generate its document.
  3. On the quotation card, select Generate Quotation.
  4. A message will be displayed requiring you to select a template from the list of templates assigned for the Quotation group, and which you have access to.
  5. After selecting the required template, the Create letter page will be displayed. By default, under the Content section, the Template, Account, Project, and Quotation number fields will contain prefilled information.

  6. Under the Header section, fill in the subject at Subject and click Create letter.
    Note: The Create letter page may contain different information, depending on the selected template settings.
  7. Exact Synergy Enterprise will start to process your request. Once done, one of following will happen:
  • If Synergy Office Integration (SOI) is installed, SOI will open the document in Microsoft Word, and Exact Synergy Enterprise will redirect you to create document; or
  • If Synergy Office Integration (SOI) is not installed, a message will be displayed requiring you to download the merged document. Click Open to open the document after the document is downloaded.

    Now, your merged document is ready to be used.

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