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E-WMS - Troubleshooting Replenishment: order or advice not generated


This documents helps troubleshooting E-WMS Replenishment issues. When the replenishment process does not result in what you expected, you can check following conditions.

Start troubleshooting without the services. Working with services results in lots and lots of data which make focusing very difficult. Stop the Autoqueue service and if necessary the Replenishment service and use the Control Center.

  1. First, determine if the problem is that the replenishment order is not generated, or that the replenishment picking advice is not generated. These are two very different steps in the replenishment process!
    1. a replenishment order without advice remains in status 'New'. In the control center, select the correct source- and target warehouse and select status New, and check if there any orders, or use report 'WMS stock reservations'
    2. replenishment orders are created in tables csPickitTransfers, csPickitTransferLines and csPickitTransferSB;
      csPickitTransfers is the replenishment order header table (where field IsReplenishment=1);
      csPickitTransferLines is the replenishment order line table (csPickitTransferLines.TransferID > csPickitTransfers.ID) ;
      csPickitTransferSB is the replenishment advice line table (csPickitTransferSB.TransferLineID > csPickitTransferLines.ID)
      A replenishment order without advice has records in csPickitTransfers and csPickitTransferLines but not in csPickitTransferSB.
  2. In case a replenishment order is not generated, in general:
    1. there are still pending replenishment orders (with or without advice), check Control Centre Replenishment or the replenishment tables, or use report 'WMS stock reservations' (select 'transaction type'='replenishment'). Also check status 'advice error'.
    2. there are pending unprocessed WMS receipts (any receipt, not just replenishment) for the target location: check WMS Item/Stock view, column '+Reserved: receipts', or the report 'WMS stock reservations'
    3. you are replenishing to the item default location and there are unreceived purchase order lines on scanners, which cause stock 'receipt reservations' for the item default location (regarded as quantity 'not to be replenished'). You may have to configure a generic WMS Receipt location.
    4. the target location is a 'bulk' type location
    5. the target warehouse is blocked
    6. when setting 'Requirements only' is enabled:
      • (from 412) the selection option 'None' (=no orders) is enabled for the sales order/production order number selection, in the Replenishment 'generate' screen
      • the stock on the replenishment target locations has not dropped yet below the configured location minimum (attention: not: the order requirement)
      • although you still have insufficient stock to pick your orders, the stock on the replenishment target locations is still equal to the maximum configured for that location, so new replenishment is not allowed yet
      • the sales orders for which you expect a replenishment order, have stock allocated in the same warehouse. This was a bug for some time in E-WMS; sales orders having stock allocations were excluded for replenishment generation when replenishing to the same warehouse.
      • the selected replenishment target warehouse is not the same as the warehouse in the sales order line
      • the order line planned delivery date is before or equal to 'today + days in advance' (replenishment setting)
      • the sales order or production order for the item is still opened in Exact Globe Next and therefore locked (and skipped by Replenishment)
      • the sales order confirmation is not printed (when required for the order)
      • the Gbkmut MRP lines are not consistent (these are also included in the replenishment calculation, so Gbkmut MRP lines need to be consistent with the sales order lines)
      • the order line status and quantity have to be correct (uitgifte=0 and esr_aantal-aant_gelev >0)
    7. when setting 'Requirements only' is disabled:
      • the stock on the locations has not dropped below the minimum configured in the WMS item locations or WMS items per location type
      • in case of using Items per location type: the location type has to be linked to the target location in Globe maintenance of locations (through Warehouse maintenance)
    8. The WMS stock reservations are inconsistent; rebuild the WMS stock reservations table
    9. You are using WMS 'location types' and WMS 'items per location type', but the used location type code is not linked to warehouse locations yet
    10. The target location has restrictions, preventing new stock being stored there. This could depend on stock already present on the target location, or other pending transactions (receipts) for that location.
      For instance, if a location allows 'variable item' or 'variable batch', and a replenishment advice is already generated for itemA, then a second replenishment order for itemB for the same target location will not be generated.
    11. the WMS Sales Order fulfilment setting 'Scenario' is set to 'Scenario 1' while you do not intend to work with 'Real-time replenishment'.
  3. In case a replenishment order is not generated and using the Real-Time Replenishment scenario:
    1. replenishment orders are only generated for already generated WMS sales order picking advices (status Advice, Advice error or Picking, cspickitorsrg.cspickitstate = 1, 2 or 3)
    2. the target location (item main location) has to be configured for the item in either WMS Item Locations, or in WMS 'Items per Locationtype'
    3. In the last case, the target location has to be linked to the location type.
    4. a replenishment order is only generated when ALL picking locations in the target warehouse do not have sufficient stock for  the order requirement.
      Although the order picker is sent to the main location only, it IS possible to divert from the picking advice and pick from another location (depending scanner setting 'Advice mandatory')
    5. although the stock on the target locations dropped below minimum, the stock on those locations is still sufficient to pick the orders
    6. the item default location in the target warehouse has to be the intended replenishment target location (Voorrd.maglok)
    7. there are unreceived purchase order lines on scanners, which cause stock 'receipt reservations' for the item default location (regarded as quantity 'not to be replenished'). You may have to configure a generic WMS Receipt location.
    8. the WMS stock reservations table has to be consistent, the sales order picking advice has to be present in this table (which is the case under normal circumstances)
    9. the sales order line is linked to a purchase order (back-to-back order)
    10. The WMS fulfilment advice setting 'Collect advice per item' (precollection introduced in 410) was enabled before enabling real-time replenishment.
      Precollection cannot be combined with real-time replenishment.
      Set the WMS fulfilment 'scenario' setting to 'None', save and close settings, then set WMS fulfilment advice setting 'Collect advice per item' to No.
      Then set WMS fulfilment 'scenario' setting again to scenario 1.

  4. Replenishment order not generated, specifically for production orders.
    check if:
    1. in the replenishment 'generate' screen, the option 'None' is not enabled for the 'production order' selection range.
    2. the production order material line has correct status (authorized; reviewed=1 checked=1 blockitem=0)
    3. the production order material line has WMS picking status '0' (new, not yet in progress in WMS)
    4. the material line planned start date is before or equal to 'today + days in advance' (replenishment setting)
    5. the planned warehouse in the material line is not blocked

  5. When a Replenishment picking advice is not generated for the generated replenishment orders: see document picking advice does not advise the expected stock, batch or SKU number.
  6. In case of using SKU Management:
    1. the replenishment setting 'Full SKU Replenishment' is set to 'Full SKU with DPA advice', but the source SKU or the source location, do not allow 'breaking up'. This would result in advice error message 'SKU stock not allowed', since a DPA advice for the remainder of the SKU requires breaking up the SKU.
  7. In case you are troubleshooting the services:
    1. view the Windows application event log. Any technical and some functional problems are only put in the Windows event log by the services
    2. view the WMS 'RF monitor' or the table csPickitErrorReport. Functional messages are logged here by the services
    3. use SQL profiler to check if the service works at all, and in the right database

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