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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Synergy User

Exact Synergy Enterprise is a powerful web-based solution that enables you to integrate, manage, control and improve the way all your people work together to add value across your business. Exact Synergy Enterprise is a scalable software solution i.e., you can start with one function and extend to others when you’re ready) that unites processes and connects information in one, two or all of these areas: employees, customers, and financial transactions. In doing so, it brings together the people who work in those functions. It simplifies work for one, provides greater insight for another, frees up time for someone else, and makes it a snap to check a customer history, find a colleague, monitor a complaint, archive e-mail and paper correspondence, coordinate a marketing campaign, or just request a vacation.

Users who have the Synergy User (YA0021) assigned, are able to:

Example of a scenario: a Synergy user would be able to click on a Intranet news page (i.e. a Front page), access various start page documents and zoom into these documents. He can’t create documents nor do a full text search.

    1. Create and realize vacation and tasks request*.
    2. Use documents in requests as long as the document security level is >=10 and below the user's level.
    3. Access their personal calendar.
    4. Access their workflow.
    5. Access a compressed account card with address and contact person information. 
    6. Access their favorites in Synergy (shortcuts to documents, requests, people etc.)
    7. View and Edit their personal card.
    8. Search and view persons. 
    9. Read the Intranet news page.
    10. Access the preferences page to set languages e.g.
    11. Access MS Reporting server reports, if the individual rights configured on the report allow that.
    12. Access via Mobile (with above listed functionality if applicable to the mobile solution).
    13. Search for accounts.
    14. Be linked to a project as member or manager.

Note: A Synergy user has only access to the functionality above; hyperlinks to other functionality may be present but are not accessible.

Note 2: Access via Synergy Office Integration is not available.

Note 3: From Product Update 258 onwards, the Synergy user functionality is no longer be available for new licenses and existing licenses that are extended with the Basic user role. For an overview of the available user license roles, see Exact Synergy Enterprise user license roles.

*These request types are used in business logic of Exact Synergy Enterprise. Making modifications in the definition of this request can jeopardize business processes within Exact Synergy Enterprise. It is strongly advised not to change the definition of this request. Exact has the right to modify or extent this request and to extend the use of this request for future enhancements which may influence any modification you made to this request. Making modifications in the definition of this request will be done at the users own risk. Exact is in no way liable for any damage or loss resulting from modifications in the request definitions.

The Synergy User functionality can be assigned to:

1.    All newly created users will be a Synergy User by default. The Synergy User (YA0021) count is decreased for each active Synergy user. The maximum number of Synergy users that can be created is equal to the sum of Synergy. More info on this can be found here.

 The Synergy User functionality can be extended by assigning:

1.    Professional Role.

2.    Employee Self Service Role.

3.    CRM Role.

4.    Incoming Invoice Register Role.

5.    Report Manager Role.

6.    Hour Entry Role.

7.    Project Controller Role.

The Synergy User requires the following software components to be installed:

1.    Exact Synergy Enterprise.

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