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Service Management is part of Exact Synergy Enterprise and is used to help Wholesale trade and Manufacturing companies to optimize their service related business processes for the products they sell.
Manage service configurations, register service activities and service contracts, make reservations and plan resources, register realizations in the field and invoice service activity and contract related transactions.

Users who have the Service Management Role assigned, are able to:

1.    View and maintain service contracts.

2.    View and maintain service configurations. 

3.    View and maintain service activities. 

4.  Generate service invoice proposals.

    Use the visual drag & drop planboard. 

6.    View and maintain the service requests.

7.    Search for service contracts, configurations, activities and invoice proposals.

8.    Generate preventive maintance activities. 

9.    View and maintain contract templates. 

10.    View and maintain service reponse times.

11. View and maintain problem and solution codes.

12. View and maintain service activity types.

13. View and maintain default contract rates.

14. View and maintain preventive maintenance types.

15. View and maintain default contract types.

16. View and maintain agreements and agreements sets.

The Service Management Role can be assigned to:

1.    A user with the CRM role.

2.  A user with the professional role in which case the the available Service Management Role count will not be decreased. Assigning the role to a user who already has the professional role, will not require an extension of your license.

The Service Management solution requires the following software components to be installed: 

1.    Exact Synergy Enterprise.

2.  Exact Globe.

3.  Microsoft SQL Service Reporting Services.