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Creating the Exact Synergy Enterprise database for Exact Globe Next


In the 'Exact Globe Next Configurator', on the TAB called 'Synergy', a new Exact Synergy Enterprise database can be created via the button 'Create'. Your existing Exact Globe database will be taken as the basis for this new database. In other words, all master data from that Exact Globe administration (such as Items, Accounts, Cost centers etc) will be available in Exact Synergy Enterprise as well. Only 1 Exact Synergy database can be created. In case you work with multiple Exact Globe administrations, we advise to create the Exact Synergy Enterprise database based on your main Exact Globe administration. The Exact Synergy Enterprise database you’re about to create will be used for the Exact Synergy Enterprise part within Exact Globe Next.

During this process, a new database will be created. After executing all the steps you’ll have 2 databases: your original Exact Globe database and the Exact Synergy Enterprise database. The Exact Synergy Enterprise database will be named <administration number>_unicode. In case you have selected Exact Globe administration 444 as the basis for your Synergy database, then you’ll have an extra database 444_unicode after performing all steps.

Warning! Please ensure to make a backup of both databases

The creation of the Exact Synergy Enterprise database is a once-off action that you’ll perform when installing Exact Globe Next.


After you’ve clicked on ‘Create’, you’ll be prompted to a) select the SQL Server that holds your (main) Exact Globe database and b) select the main Exact Globe database you wish to use for the Exact Synergy Enterprise part within Exact Globe Next. After that, click 'Connect' to verify and establish the connection to the SQL server and database.

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While establishing the connection, several components will be loaded and a progress bar is shown.

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Next, a number of prerequisites are verified. A green checkmark indicates the prerequisite has successfully been met. In case all prerequisites are met, you may click on 'Next' to continue.

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In the background the Exact Synergy Enterprise database will now be created. The progress can be monitored via the status bar.

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The data from Exact Globe will be converted into the Exact Synergy Enterprise database. For each per process the status is reported.

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A green circle indicates that the process was successfully completed, a grey circle indicates that the process wasn’t started yet or completed./ Finally, a red circle indicates that a particular process wasn’t completed because an error occurred. Click on the arrows-down icon for more details on a particular process that’s completed. In case the complete conversion has been completed successfully, you may click ‘Done’.

Subsequently, a screen is shown where you may view a report/summary of the conversion via the button ‘View report'. Use the button 'Send statistics' to send conversion statistics to help Exact improve the calculations for estimated duration for conversions. In case the conversion wasn’t completed successfully, you can use the button 'View report' to get more details on what went wrong

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Via the button 'Finish' you may close this screen. Your Exact Synergy Enterprise database has been created. You may now return to the Exact Globe Next configuration program to complete the setup for Exact Globe Next.


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