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With Exact Synergy, your customers come first. Synergy enables you to monitor, understand, manage and maximize sales performance, as well as leverage customer information into long-term customer loyalty and retention. It seamlessly integrates customer data across the organization into one database. Your clients, business partners, employees and vendors are automatically associated to one another and to all relevant and mission-critical business transactions.

Users who have the CRM Role assigned, are able to:

    1. Access Customers, Workflow, Documents and Marketing menus.
    2. View and edit his own resource card.
    3. Search for resources and view resources cards.
    4. View planning and calendar.
    5. Create resource or account related documents.
    6. View and search all documents.
    7. Create documents where fields "Account" or "Person" is mandatory defined in the document type / category.
    8. Edit documents where:

1.    The CRM Role user is the creator or

2.    The CRM role user has been assigned ownership and the fields "Account" or "Person" are defined as mandatory in the document type / category.

    1. Create, view and search account related opportunities.
    2. Access MS Reporting server reports, if the individual rights configured on the report allow that.
    3. Install and use the Microsoft Office Integration.
    4. Create all account types.
    5. Can edit accounts, but is not able to merge accounts.
    6. Create 15 different workflow request types and on top of that 2 requests defined for Synergy user: vacation and task.
    7. Can search and edit workflows related to accounts or created by him. 
    8. View, search items, and related them to requests.
    9. Be added as a project member.
    10. Relate request to projects.
    11. Relate documents projects.
    12. Synergy Office Integration: Access above functionality.
    13. Synergy Mobile: Access above functionality when available.
    14. Use the delegation functionality when system is setup for delegation.


       Note: A CRM Role user has only access to the functionality above; hyperlinks to other functionality may be present but are not accessible.

The CRM role can be assigned to:

1.    Any Synergy User. The CRM role count (YA0023) will be decreased.

The CRM Role functionality can be extended by:

1.    Incoming Invoice Role.

2.    Report manager Role.

3.    Time Entry Role.

4.    Project Controller Role.

5.    Custom Solution Enabling Role.

6.    Employee Self Service Role.

7.    Service Management Role.

8.    Project Manager Role.

The CRM solution requires the following software components to be installed:

 Exact Synergy Enterprise.