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Product Update 421: Generating XML eInvoice based on Autofattura (Italian legislation)

Autofattura is a type of invoice that a company sends to itself (self-invoice). At the beginning of this year, the Autofattura invoices must be sent digitally from XML to SDI (Sistema Di Interscambio). SDI is an e-invoicing exchange service for both local and international transactions.

You can now generate an XML file when you are processing the Autofattura entries.

To generate the XML file individually, go to Finance > Entries > Autofattura > Process and select the E-Invoice check box before processing the XML file.

The issuer of the invoice in the Autofattura XML invoice will always be the creditor of the original purchase entry and the receiver of the invoice is your company.

Once you process the Autofattura entries, you can access the XML document from the following:

  • Original purchase journal - The information in the invoice header of the Autofattura XML invoice is as follows:
    • For every domestic Autofattura XML invoice, the reference value is the last 10 positions of the YourRef of the original purchase invoice.
    • For other Autofattura XML invoices, the reference value is the YourRef of the original purchase invoice.
    • Besides the date of the reference, the entry date of the original purchase invoice is also shown.
    • The Autofattura XML invoice date is derived from the reporting date of the original purchase invoice.
  • At CRM > Entries > Documents.
  • File directory at Company data settings > E-Invoice Details > Details.

The Autofattura XML invoices are automatically exported to the same folder based on the setting that is similar to other XML invoices.

For more information on Autofattura, see New setting for Autofattura (Spanish, Italian, and Romanian legislations).



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