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Product Updates 419, 418, and 417: Non-deductible VAT code supported for split payment (Polish legislation)

The purchase entries with the non-deductible VAT code will now be included in the VAT amount for the split payments. The enhancement is applicable to the transactions that use the PLN currency, as elaborated in the following. 

The following is a sample of a purchase entry:


The split payment term will be calculated by including the invoice term that is linked to the tax creditor with the amount of PLN 30.00, and the non-monetary wages (also referred to as the “N” line, which will be created when a non-deductible VAT code is used) with the amount of PLN 70.00. Therefore, the amount of the split payment term will be PLN 100.00.

Previously, only the invoice term that was linked to the tax creditor was included in the split payment term calculation.

For more information, see Product Updates 417, 416, and 415: Split payment introduced (Polish legislation).

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