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PU 423|422|421 (Globe) and 500|422|421 (Globe+): Changes in Modelo 390 format (Spanish legislation)

Some changes have been made to the VAT declaration form for the Modelo 390 format. The changes are as follows:

V. Oper tab

The following changes have been made in the V. Oper tab (accessible through Finance > VAT/Statistics > Modelos I.V.A > Leg. Estatal > Modelo 390):

  • The label for box 103 has been updated to Entregas intracomunitarias de bienes y servicios.
  • Box 112 has been removed.
  • The following boxes are added and have a default value of 0.00: 
    • Box 125: Operaciones sujetas con inversión del sujeto pasivo 
    • Box 126: OSS. Operaciones no sujetas por reglas de localización acogidas a la OSS 
    • Box 127: OSS. Operaciones sujetas y acogidas a la OSS 
    • Box 128: Operaciones intragrupo valoradas conforme a lo dispuesto en los arts. 78 y 79 LIVA
      Note: The value for these boxes can be edited. The amount from these boxes will be added to the calculation of value for box 108.


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