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Pick-IT replenishment: no advice generated when clicking 'advice' ?

Pick-IT Replenishment offers the possibility to generate advices to replenish locations (or warehouses) based on either minimum/maximum stock levels, or based on requirements for fullfillment (either sales or production).

When starting the replenishment control center in Inventory/Warehouse management/Pick-IT stock replenishment/Control Center, the determination what should be replenished is divided into two parts: determination of the 'need' (what and how many), and determination of the 'advice' (where to get it).

When the first part (what and how many needed) succeeds but the second part fails (where to get it), check your settings in System/General/Settings/PI Route Optimizing, 'picking advice' in section 'Replenishment advice' must be enabled to be able to generate an advice.

In  case the setting is disabled an advice will not be generated.

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