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Product Updates 421 and 420: MPP procedural mark enhanced for JPK_VDEK XML file (Polish legislation)

The MPP procedural mark has been replaced by MPP_SALES, and a new procedural mark MPP_PURCHASE has been added. The attributes that are linked to MPP_SALES and MPP_PURCHASE will be used as conditions to display the MPP tags in the sales and purchase transactions. This allows you to configure the conditions that are specific to the sales and purchase transactions.

Since the MPP procedural mark has been renamed MPP_SALES, the attributes that were previously linked to MPP are now automatically linked to MPP_SALES. The MPP tag in the JPK_VDEK XML files that were created prior to this update will not be affected unless the VAT register has been overwritten or regenerated after this update.

Note that this update does not affect other additional tags in the JPK_VDEK XML file.

For more information, see Product Updates 420 and 419: JPK_VDEK electronic VAT reporting format introduced (Polish legislation).

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