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How-to: Monitoring synchronization for Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS)


Exact Lightweight Integration Server (ELIS) supports the integration status logging whereby all the synchronization processes will be recorded in the log table. The administrators are able to keep track of the historical data of the synchronization process for analysis.


This document describes the following:

  • Filtering and displaying the server status based on the search criteria.
  • Retrying the failed message synchronization attempts.
  • Clearing messages based on the date range.


  • ELIS management console
  • Valid synchronization between the client endpoints and solution

Integration status

To view the integration status, click Integration status under Monitoring on the left panel in the Exact Lightweight Integration Server Management Console screen. The following screen will be displayed:

Define the following fields:

  • Date and time - Type or select the date range to display the integration statuses between the start and end dates.
  • Configuration - Select the add-on that was installed in ELIS.
  • Tenant - Select the tenant of the data to be displayed.
  • Source - Select the source endpoint of the data to be displayed.
    Note: This field is available only for product updates 258 and above. For product updates 257 and below, this field is displayed as client.
  • Client - Select the client endpoint of the data to be displayed.
  • Status - Select the status of the synchronization process. You can select Received, Pending, Processing, Successful, Failed, Echo, Skipped, or Retrying.
  • Entity - Type the entity. The entity must match the whole word and it is not case-sensitive.

Once you have defined the search criteria, click Refresh.

In the overview, the Message column will display the endpoint logical name in front of the error message if the error is generated by the product endpoint.


Retrying the failed message synchronization attempts

To retry the messages that failed to synchronize, click Retry in the Actions column in the Integration status screen.

The status under the Status column will be changed to Retrying and the Retry attempt column will increase by 1. The Retry hyperlink will not be displayed.

If the message is successfully sent, the Status column will display Successful.

Clearing the integration status

To clear the integration status, click Clear message in the Integration status screen. The following screen will be displayed. Type or select the date range of the data that you want to clear and click OK. The changes will be reflected in the Integration status screen.

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