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Overview of Contact and Partner Roles for Opportunities



Contact roles are used to identify the role of contact persons related to the opportunities. This is to make sure that the correct person is identified for the different stages in the sales cycle process. You can use the contact roles available to specify the contact roles of the people involved in the workflow of the opportunity in the opportunity card. The relevant contacts in a sales process include project leader, decision maker, or end user.

Partners might also be involved in the sales process, and one or more partners might have different roles in the sales process. For example, a partner can have an advisory role whereas another partner is collaborating together on the same or different opportunity.

The descriptions in the document are also applicable to the overview of partner roles. For more information, see the Contacts section and the Partners section in Viewing Opportunity Cards.

Menu path

To view contact roles, go to Customers/Setup/Opportunity management/Contact roles.

To view partner roles, go to Customers/Setup/Opportunity management/Partner roles.

Roles & rights

All users can access this page.

To create, modify, and delete contact roles, function right 604 – Maintain opportunity master data is required. Users with General manager, Customer manager, and Marketing manager roles have this function right.

For more details on what you can do with function rights or levels, go to System/Setup/Security/Function rights, select the required module, and then click on the relevant ID. To find out the functions you can perform with a particular role, go to System/Setup/Security/Roles, type in the description, click Refresh, and then click the required link under the Role column.



Click this to update the list of contact roles.


Click this to create a new contact role.


Click this to delete the selected contact role. You will see a message "Confirm: Delete?" Click OK to delete or Cancel to cancel the deletion.

Note: You can delete the contact role only if the contact role is not used by any contacts in an opportunity card. If you delete a contact role that is currently used by a contact in an opportunity card, you will see the message “Role: Can’t delete – Used in: Opportunity: Contacts”.


Click this to exit.


This page displays a list of contact roles available for your opportunities. To create a new contact role, click New. To view or modify an existing contact role, click the contact role code in the Code column. To delete an existing contact role, select the check box for the relevant contact role and then click Delete. For more information, see Creating and Modifying Contact and Partner Roles for Opportunities.

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