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PU 424 | 423 | 422 (Globe) and 501 | 500 | 422: PCN format for RBC and MCB banks in Netherlands Antilles now supports DCT and FCT transactions

Electronic cash flow functionalities, such as processing domestic payments, foreign payments, importing of bank statements, collections, and other transfers require unique bank formats for specific banks in specific countries.

In this product update, we are improving the PCN bank format for RBC Bank and MCB Bank. The bank format now includes the debit bank account line, and also supports domestic credit transfers (DCT) and foreign credit transfers (FCT).

Note: The bank format types are categorised as Bank Statement (BS), Domestic Credit Transfer (DCT), Foreign Credit Transfer (FCT), Collection File (DDD) , and Digital Subscriber Line (DSL).

Foreign payments in PCN format using RBC Bank

You can now make foreign payments in the PCN format through RBC Bank. This is on top of the existing DCT payments, which was supported since product update 407.

Domestic payments and foreign payments in PCN format using MCB Bank

The PCN format is supported for both domestic payments and foreign payments through MCB Bank. When you click the Process button through Cash flow > Payments > Process to generate payment files, you now have the option to select the PCN format type.

Additional line added to DCT and FCT payments in PCN format displaying the total

For both DCT and FCT payments in the PCN format, an additional line to include the total debited amount is added to the bank export file. This applies to both RBC Bank and MCB Bank.

The following example shows the additional line:


In the additional debit line, these positions are updated as follows:

Position Description
33 This position shows the total amount of credit lines (this is only shown once).
48 This position shows "-" since this is a “debit”.
60, 95, and 130 These positions are left blank.
165, 200, and 235 These positions take the values from company data settings: Company name, Address line 1, and City.

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