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E-WMS - maintenance of WMS scan codes

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This document describes the maintenance screen of WMS scan codes in Exact Globe menu WMS, Setup, Scancodes.


WMS scan codes can be used to provide alternate recognition codes for your items, when scanning bar codes. These can be EAN13 product codes for example part of an EAN128 barcode, HIBC product codes or any other (supported) unique product identification within a bar code. You can create multiple scan codes for the same item. Also, scan codes can be used to scan transactions in non standard sales units, like scanning a box instead of the standard sales unit.

Besides these scan codes, you can also supply one alternate scan code for an item, in item maintenance (WMS button, "scan code").

Scan code rules

Following rules apply to using WMS scan codes in general:

  • the scan codes in menu WMS, Setup, Scancodes can only be used on the hand terminal when using ASP or RF (CAB) as communication method
  • the scan code in item maintenance (WMS button) can be used for all communication methods, but for Activesync or File communication you have to start 'Send item data' to export master data to the terminals, after making changes
  • the setting "Scan code" in each WMS process settings must be set to 'scan code' (instead of 'item code') to be able to use either of the scan code types
  • an alternate scan code unit or factor will be ignored when the scan code was part of an EAN128 or HIBC bar code, since quantities within in these bar codes are always assumed in standard sales units.
  • when usage of scan codes is enabled, the priority of searching the scanned text is:
    1. scan codes in WMS, setup, scancodes
    2. scan code in item maintenance, WMS button
    3. item code (unless the hand general terminal setting Scancode only is enabled, the item code is not included in search)

Scan codes maintenance

WMS scan codes can be maintained in Exact Globe menu WMS, Setup, Scancodes. Press New to create a new scan code, or Open to edit an existing scan code.


The supplier is not used anymore as a selection criterion when scanning a scan code, but it is still mandatory in this screen. You can select any supplier here.

Item code

Select an existing item code which is to be used when scanning this scan code. Items of type 'standard' and 'bulk' are allowed.

Scan code

The unique code for this item, often part of a composite barcode (like EAN128 or HIBC). This can be any alphanumerical code, with a maximum length of 30 characters.
There is no validation on the code entered, other than it must be unique within the WMS scan codes.
This can be an EAN13 (GTIN) code, HIBC product identification, or just your supplier's item code.

If the scan code is the same as an existing item code, then that item code will never be found (when usage of scan codes is enabled).

Package description

You can use WMS scan codes to scan transactions in units other than the standard sales unit, in that case select the best fitting sales unit.
If you do not use this functionality, just leave this at the default setting or set it to the item's default sales unit.

Sales unit factor

When using WMS scan codes to scan alternate sales units, please fill the appropriate factor. This represents the number of default sales units in the unit selected in 'Package description'.
Otherwise, leave this value at '1'.

The functionality of the sales unit factor was changed in product update 396. Before 396, the quantity entered in 'sales unit factor' was not used as factor but just to pre-fill the quantity field on the scanner with this value, when using this scan code.
From 396, this factor is indeed used as 'factor', and allows you to enter a quantity in the linked sales unit (for example boxes instead of sales units) on the hand terminal.
You can read more about using the sales unit factor in Scan code functionality: working with alternate units.

Please note that when the scan code was part of an EAN128 or HIBC bar code, this scan code sales unit or factor will never be applied. It is assumed that on scanning these barcode types, the quantity is always provided in standard sales units within the barcode. To avoid using the quantity provided within a bar code, you can use the setting 'Ignore barcode quantity'.

Ignore barcode quantity

This setting was introduced in WMS release 4231 (Exact Globe 400) and can be useful when receiving goods which already are labeled with EAN128 or HIBC barcode by your supplier, and when the quantity in that barcode does not match your standard sales unit.

When disabled (which is default) and scanning a composite barcode (EAN128 or HIBC) containing quantity, the quantity from the barcode will be prefilled in the scanner's 'quantity' field.
When enabled, the quantity from an EAN128 or HIBC barcode is ignored, and the quantity will not be prefilled from the barcode.

This functionality is available only in WMS ASP (IE or ERF client).

Pick full sales units first

Select this check box if you want to use the calculation for the sales unit factor greater than 1. By default, this check box is not selected, and it is enabled only if the value at Sales unit factor is less than 1.

For example:

Stock keeping unit = m2
Sales unit role = 0.6m2
Pick advice for an order of 1m2

Pick full sales units first check box is selected = 1 role plus 0.4m2
Pick full sales units first check box is not selected = 1 m2

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