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Exact Synergy Enterprise   

Creating and modifying list layouts

Menu paths

  • Documents ? Setup ? Layouts ? List
  • Marketing ? Setup ? Web site ? List


This page allows you to create list layouts, or modify existing ones.

Roles and rights

To create or modify list layouts, function right 282 – Maintain Layouts, division level is required. By default, users with the Documents administrator or Web administrator role have this function right.


  • For more details on function rights, go to System ? Setup ? Security ? Function rights.
  • For more details on roles, go to System ? Setup ? Security ? Roles.

What version are you using?

The information in this document is applicable to product update 240 and higher. If you have versions lower than this, certain features explained here will not be applicable.

How do I create list layouts?

  1. On the page, click New.
  2. Under the List section, type a code for the list layout at Code.
  3. Type a description for the list layout at Description.
  4. Define the rest of the fields where necessary.
  5. Click Save.

How do I modify list layouts?

  1. On the page, click the hyperlink of the corresponding list layout to be modified.
  2. Make the necessary changes.
  3. Click Save.



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