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Connectivity Manual - Data import - Introduction

This chapter describes the way on how the files can be imported in Exact Financials.

The import file is a CSV (comma separated values) file, which means it is a text (ASCII) file, in which each line represents one record. If a field is left empty, a comma should still be used to separate it. So, a CSV file with two empty character fields will look like this:

"","" - for two character fields


, - for two integer fields.

The import file can be kept to a minimum because the import program will assume the default values if no field value is found in the import file.

Table description

Example of a table:

Nr. Field name Type Format H/S/B Ref. Description Remarks Default Jrnl
1 line-nr INT N3 B - Line number Mandatory - A
2 EXTRA-journal-type CHAR A1 B - Type of journal - - A
3 journal-nr INT N3 B journl Journal number - - A
4 period INT N3 H - Period - - A
5 fin-yr INT N4 B - Financial year - * A
6 entry-nr INT N8 B - Entry number - - A

The sequence number of the field.

Field name
The field name column contains the name of the field that is expected.

Field type
The field type specifies the data type of the field. The following data types can be used:

Character CHAR A character field consists of a number of alphanumeric characters that are enclosed within quotes (the " character).
Integer INT An integer field contains a number without decimals.
Date DATE A date field contains a date in the DD/MM/YYYY or DDMMYYYY.
Decimal DEC A decimal contains a number with the option to have decimals (The decimal separator is always the dot: ".")
Logical LOG A logical always contains a Yes or No (Y/N, J/N, True/False).

The format of the field.

Indicate whether the field is belongs to the header line (H), sub line (S) or to both (B).

The given field must exist in the table stated in this column.

A short description of the field.

When a field is marked with a *, then the default value is described below.

This column contains general remarks about a field. This column also contains the possible values that can be entered in the field.

The journal types by which the field is used. This column is only used for financial entries.

Standard import guidelines

  • If a mandatory field is not filled in correctly, the whole record will be rejected.
  • If an optional field value is supplied, this value will be checked and depending on the type of error (fatal or warning), the whole record will be rejected (fatal) or the field will be ignored (warning) during import.
  • If an optional field value is left empty, the import program will try to get a default value from the database. Because it is not possible to guarantee that the default values are valid in every case, imaginable it will still be possible that the whole record is rejected.
  • In both cases the error file created will give a clear indication why the record was rejected.
  • ,?,= Get the default value for this field (If possible)
  • ,"", OR ,, OR ,0,= if empty is not a valid value, then default will be used.
  • ,Other values,= Check this value, if not valid return the whole invoice in the error file.

Import settings

In [Finance: File, Company settings, Financial preferences], in the tab 'Miscellaneous' you can set the default path of where to find the CSV files. This only applies to Exact Finance import.


Importing the file

The file to be imported is always a file with the extension ".csv". After importing, the csv-file is renamed to ".001" file (or 002,003,004 and etc, if a file with such an extension already exists). In case a file contains errors, a *.err file is created. In this file, you will find a list of all errors that occurred. If a record contains fatal errors, the record will be rejected. In this case a *.rej file will be created. This rej-file will show the rejected records. The records that are not stated in this file, have been imported correctly.

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