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Matching entries

Matching Entries


In the usual accounting practices, you have to match invoices and payments to each of the recorded transactions. The matched entries which are processed can be displayed in an overview. Go to System/Finance/Register/Match register to generate an overview of all the matched and processed transactions. You can zoom in to the transaction details, undo the matched transactions, or view a transaction thoroughly. However, if you have matched but not processed the entries, you will not be able to see them in the overview.



Type or select the resource who matched the entry.


Type or select the date or range of dates to search for all matched entries that fall within the range. Alternatively, select the All check box for all available dates in the current fiscal year.



Click Refresh to update the results according to the defined criteria.


Click Back to return to the previous screen. This button is enabled if you have clicked Zoom to view an entry.


Click Zoom to view the details of the selected entry. From here, click the Zoom button again to view all the entries from the selected journal. If you want to return to the previous screen, click the Back button.


Click Details to view the detailed information of the posted entry. This button is enabled only if you have zoomed in to the entry earlier.


Click Match to match the transactions or to undo the previous match process. This button is enabled only if you have zoomed in to the entry earlier. Select the invoice entries you want to match and click Match/Process.


Click Close to exit.   

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